24: Birthday Brunch

11.29.2014: Hello, I am 24!

Hello dolls!!!! 🙂 As promised, here’s an entry about my 24th birthday. Life got extra exciting after I turned 24. How I wish I could have more hours in a day so I can finish everything that I have to do. The OCD in me is telling me that I should just keep on going…no stopping! But my fun-loving self is telling me to give my body a little break cause it is starting to get exhausted. Aaah how I wish time could freeze…even for just a day.

So I started the first page of the new chapter of my life with so much life. I think it is safe to say that we get rewarded equally by the amount of responsibilities that we face. That’s why I keep on reminding myself that I should embrace everything that comes my way, not complain. 353 days until I turn 25 but there are days wherein I feel like quarter life crisis is knocking on my door early. Haha Oh well, I have 353 days to make each day of my 24th year on earth memorable 😉


The eve of my birthday I can honestly say that I was not 101% excited about my birthday. I knew both A and I had to work all night so my excitement level was only 100….annnd I am away from my family so it was hard to be ALLLLL the way happy.

But waking up to a beautiful morning made me realize how God can bless us with the happiness that we deserve in different ways.

I know how blessed I am because of A and our family here. I was greeted by A as soon as I woke up and a table filled with presents and one of my favorite things to receive on special occasions…balloons!

It must be a challenge for A to pull off his surprise because I can be pretty nosy when it comes to my birthday and our anniversary (include Christmas as well! haha). I am very blessed to have a man who would wake up early to surprise me.


Since we only had the morning to celebrate, we decided to go out for brunch.

Not a lot of restaurants close to where we live serve brunch on Saturday so I asked A to choose where to go.

I have to commend him for always knowing where to take me. This is one of the best restaurants I’ve been!!! And I’m sorry if I have to keep it a secret for a little while 🙂


I only had an idea of the background of the restaurant. I knew they have daily specials, bake their pastries fresh, and serve British inspired food.

I had this huge smile on my face as soon as we walked it….it’s the kind of place I would love to go to for brunch!!! 🙂


What’s your morning drink?


I had the mango lassi (the on the far left) because how can I resist mango and yogurt???

Truthfully it was not the best mango drink I’ve tasted, but I can’t hate it because I know how mangoes taste here…they’re nothing compared to our mangoes in Asia. So no room for complaining! 🙂


The Dad-in-law ordered a cheddar biscuit for us to share while waiting for our food.

I love biscuits!!!! I swear everytime I see biscuit on the menu I have to have it!! And I am so happy he got this cause it was soooo good!


Maria’s roast beef sandwich

Look at that big baby!


The Mom-In-Law got a chicken and waffle sandwich



This looked very delicious!!!!! Aaaah. I like how they use sliced roasted chicken breast! I can’t wait to try this the next time we visit.





I love waffles and I wanted to treat myself. I decided to get something I wouldn’t order during my normal days. So I got a waffle. I GOT A WAFFLE!


Mmmm… I LOVE their seasonal compote!! Berries and pineapple and everything nice….yummms!


The men got beer battered cod sandwich with mushy peas 

Our jaws dropped when our server walked to our table with 2 HUGE sandwiches!


This is probably one of the best beer battered fish that I have tried in my life!!! It was fried to perfection and the batter was flavorful enough that it added more depth to the cod.

I must say, I am not a big sandwich person but all of their sarnies looked great that I would probably order one when we go back!

for afternoon tea, perhaps? they have an amazing afternoon tea menu!


all sarnies came with a bucket of house made chips tossed in malt vinegar.



Cause a British restaurant is not complete without HP sauce!


…and now, the death of me.

I wanted to get EVERYTHING! But I had to control myself because I know I have tons of sweets waiting for me back at the apartment.


So I’ve decided to get this baby….


..and this too because the Mom-in-Law loves donuts!! 🙂



My new favorite chocolate chip cookie!!!! AAAAAAAH this is torture!!! Staring at this cookie makes me wish I have it now!


Like seriously! It’s the most perfect thing ever…look at the layers of chocolate and cookie dough overlapping each other…it’s to die for!



Homemade doughnut with spicy Mexican hot chocolate ganache.

Hands up to them…they nailed this one!


For instagram…but failed to post this one on time! haha so #tbt?


Before we went out for brunch…we all had a glass of champagne! I had to stop myself after 3 sips… hahaha


Cause a birthday is not complete without birthday cake!!!! I have the sweetest Mom-in-Law because she surprised me with an ice cream cake!!!!! 🙂 <3


Happiness at 24!!!

Next post will be about my presents!!! <3


R <3

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