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Hello, sweets!! It’s December again, the most wonderful time of the year for everyone, but for A and I… it’s the most exhausting time of the year! I am starting to feel the sappy aura of Christmas here again and the huge difference between December here and in Manila. December here does not feel like December.Everyone wishes for a white Christmas, but with Christmas comes COLD. Cold weather for everyone and the cold lonely feeling for those who are away from their families…like me.

At home, I always look forward to my birthday because I know after that everyone will make it a point that we will be complete for dinner every night for the month of December. December is the ultimate family month for us, but now…. as much as I want to, I would rather cross out dinner on my daily routine. The first week of December was pretty nice because A’s parents were here, I wish they could stay longer. My motivation for the coming days is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I can’t wait to go to New Jersey and spend time with the family!


I am starting to miss A…and how we could have lunch together at least 3 times a week. Lately, I am lucky if I get to see him in the morning.

So tonight, I want to remember all the sweet apartment lunch dates that we had during spring.

When life was still warm and lovely.


Back when I had extra time to go through our cookbooks and try at least one recipe every week. I, of course did something from the Milk Bar cookbook.


Milk Bar is known for cereal milk…

DSC_0429A how can it not be one of the first recipes that I will try to do?


This is easy peasy!! And now we just have a huge box of cornflakes here so whenever we have a lot of milk I can do this :))



A is a big milk drinker and I am happy that he likes this cause I really enjoy making it.



A and I have our “staple lunch meals”. 

I can probably say that our comfort foods are Asian Stir-Fry and Italian Pasta.

Tuna and Clam in Tomato Sauce


…and we love using our pasta bowls!!



Homemade Granola


I do not go near the dining table when it’s just me in the apartment. I know it’s weird….but I hate eating alone.I think food is best enjoyed when you share it with someone else.

For my “it’s just me” days, I like to eat oatmeal or yogurt (during spring and summer).


I love adding granola to my yogurt! There are a lot of brands that sell granola, but I am very cautious about the sugar level and they way they do it so I prefer to make my own.


Pumpkin seeds ; rolled oats ; pistachios and honey!



I like to use ingredients that are good for the body (and ingredients that won’t hurt mah bodzz lol)


I am very pleased with how this turned out! Though a portion of the tray got burnt because our oven is bipolar like that.



Some days I let A eat his heart out. One of his favorite things to eat is Filipino food! Which is great because I do not have a hard time in making him love or understand what I eat.

This is my first adobo with no help from anyone! (Fact: I did not cook Filipino food before -except in school- until my internship in 2012 lol)

A really liked it so I was very happy! We also got chicken livers, so what better way to cook it? adobo style!

Of course, fresh slice tomatoes and eggplant (and a bit of zucchini) were in order 🙂


Chicken and Mushroom Stir Fry with Chinese Egg Noodles


Our ultimate to go food!!! There are days where in we just cook whatever is in our fridge. The perfect way to do so is by doing an Asian Stir Fry.

We have all the right condiments and we always have chicken and vegetables in the fridge! So yay for A because he can always have his Asian food.




A loves our knives like crazy.

Once I came home with rust spots on my Miyabi and heard the longest speech about why I should take care of my knives….hahahaha


Here he is sharpening his knife. With the right stones. He has different stones for his knives and ughhh I can’t even. lol


I know I don’t talk about my job a let me squeeze in a little bit of something that I did at work.

Seared rockfish with clam and calamari risotto with carrot-ginger sauce (that obviously ran on the plate haha)


I LOVE Trader Joe’s! I could spend hours there and convince myself that I do not have to buy everything.

Here’s my TJ loot. I love drinks!! So of course, I got myself their Matcha Green Tea Latte (cause duuuh where else can I get this around here?) and rice drink which became my new fave!



I never leave without my chocolates! So yeaaaap something to make the tummy happy!

The dark chocolate filled with sepculoos cookie spread is the BOMB!


R <3

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