Washington DC Diaries: Tony Cheng’s

7.7.14: College (also) never ends

Hello,sweets!!! 🙂 We are only 10 days away from Christmas and aaaaah I can’t wait until this week over so I can spend 2 days with A without thinking about work and this busy holiday season..especially for food industry workers like us. After 9 days,A and I were finally able to spend a decent day together…oh how I miss Mondays with him, Mondays where in we do not worry about time and having to wait for another week to eat lunch and dinner together in one day.

Over the summer, I was blessed to see an old friend again. I do not have a lot of people that I’ve known for a very long time here in the States. So every time I get the opportunity to see someone I know, I make sure that I make it happen.


Charles, my college friend lives in California. So when he told me a couple of weeks before July 7 that he is going to be in DC. I made sure that A and I will have the afternoon saved for him


We did not really plan anything for that day. I just wanted to see an old friend and catch up. — be reminded of home again.

Everything that we did was spontaneous. Especially when visited The National Portrait Gallery.


A and I would often go to this spot when we are in DC because I really love it. It makes me wish that I am an intern or student living in DC so I can go here everyday…eat my lunch…while reading…Yes…that’s the dream!


One of the most interesting works of art that I have seen.It also kind of scared me a little when I moved closer.


I mean…the faces…you know.


and of course, the history behind Harold Tovsh’s work. It’s beautiful,real,and chilling.


The Throne of The Third Heaven of The Nation’s Millennium General Assembly also caught my attention because everything’s made of gold and silver aluminum foil, and plastic over wood furniture, paperboard, and glass.


It took James Hampton 14 years to finish this entire showcase.




For the last room that we visited, I was able to steal a shot of this wall art. Perfect.


Like what I’ve mentioned before,we did not have any definite plan.

So in moments like that,when you ask A where to eat..he will only have one answer.. CHINESE RESTAURANT!


My Lolo has always told me about Tony Cheng’s. When he found out I got in an internship program in 2012 and learned that I will be an hour away from Washington DC, he suggested for me go to Tony Cheng’s.


He really is excited. It was hot and sunny that day lol


This big Mongolian flattop greeted us as we walked in. This made me really excited for our bowl of goodness!


And the varieties of condiments that we can put?? Aaaah! A was in heaven!

DSC_0271A DSC_0274A

 A had a perfect day because he was able to eat so much noodles until his stomach hurt. haha


A’s “I am a fake Asian and I’ll put anything that I want bowl”.


We can’t wait!!!


Sesame pastry rolls…I am probably the only one on our table that enjoyed this very much.

The gents were enjoying their meals so much that they did not care for this.

DSC_0283A DSC_0285A

It’s a feast!!!! for 3! haha

DSC_0287A DSC_0289A


I am so happy that we got to spend the afternoon with Charles. It was nice to talk about things that reminded me of home again.

We can’t wait to go to California someday soon and go to the places that the 3 of us talked about!!!!


Summer #selfies


R <3

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