11.29.2014: 24 is awesome

Hello, sweets! Ahhh…the past few days has been crazy stressful for me. I am blessed with a challenging situation that I know will make me a better worker. Times like this I am happy that I have this blog to let my feelings out — to unwind, to remember all the great things that happened in my life, and forget about all my miseries.

I do not have a lot of birthday posts like previous years. In fact, I only have 3 this year. My birthday was eventful and I can honestly say that 2014 has brought me a lot of highs and one major sad event that will never make me forget this year.


A knew that I will not feel a 100% complete on my birthday because I am away from my family. But despite of that, he still made me the happiest birthday girl!

The thing about A, since he knows I don’t have everyone that I grew up with and need here by my side, he tries his best to be all that.He is super amazing!


A knows I NEED to have a delicious slice (or more) of cake for my birthday. So the perfect fiance went to one of the best pastry shops here in Baltimore and surprised me on my birthday with a DELICIOUS mango and chocolate mousse cake.

 I love it when A goes behind my back to surprise me! haha



This was super decadent and delish! Rich and spot on…aaaaaah <3 (I am eating a slice of coconut cake as I stare at this photo *oink)

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My family gave me the cutest and most touching gift for my 24th. They celebrated my birthday in Manila with all the dishes that I love to eat during my birthday. Mama’s cooking is extra good when we are celebrating someone’s birthday at home. So I bet the chicken pesto, ribs, spaghetti, veggies, chicken, and all other stuff tasted really good! They also did not forget to get me an avocado cake and make me blow the candle! (which was made possible through Facetime!)

My family is the sweetest! It was not necessary to throw a party for me..but they still did it! It’s as if I was there with them <3


The day after I met up with some of my girl friends here in Baltimore. Had lunch and of course, did a little shopping 😉


A and his family gave me soooo much for my birthday!!! Aaaah

Am I the luckiest, or what? <3


They know I love boxes so I was really happy to get to boxes of Forever 21 presents from Maria and the Mom-in-Law.

I am not going to post everything cause I want to keep some things special and save them for later 🙂

This sweater is realllly gorgeous!!! This is so me!!!! And Maria got it for me!!



A got me 2 bags of french macarons with 4 different flavors! Had no idea about him going to the French pastry shop but aaaah I love it!! Macarons for my birthday! (and of course I broke down while staging this photo haha)


Cause I am cuuuuhrazy about color wine (as we call it now) this season!


I always get myself presents for my birthday (cause duuuh) so this year, I really want new coats so I got myself 2 for my birthday!!!! Can’t wait to post OOTDs!

And the rest above the coats are A’s early birthday presents 😉


My family sent 2 care packages for my birthday (which made me cry inside!)

Here are some of the things inside the box. They sent me a lot but I only have room for some to post 😉

My sister covered everything! a dress, skirt, top and 2 pairs of shorts! 🙂 Yay!!!!!!! My sissy loves me so much!! <3


My brother Remo and Klariz sent me beautiful clothes that I can’t wait to wear on special occasions!!!! <3 They’re so gorge I am super excited to dress up and wear them.

3 items were from their online shop! (instagram: clothingrackmnl)


Jejekid sent me a pretty dress!!!!! It’s so girly I want to wear it on one of my celebrations for the wedding <3

He sent me the bear 2 years ago…and I just thought of posting it again cause I really think it’s cute of him to send me this! 🙂


We had our family from New York the weekend of my bridal shower. They gave and I SOOOO MUCH that I almost teared up when the girls handed me these presents!

This birthday card is perfect! I really appreciate how A’s family know me now. How they give and do things that they know I like <3


…and they all know I’m a sucker for cupcakes!!! <3


…and how currently obsessed I am with white and gold frames!! <3


A’s parents never fail to make me feel special. They gave me Pandora charms!!! My birth stone and a cake charm that says happy birthday! <3


My fiance just blew me away with all the presents that he got me! This is now my favorite charm!


because it opens up and shows an engagement ring! It’s the cutest charm ever!!! <3


Can’t hide my happiness!


I am blessed <3


R <3


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