Summer’s Produce

Hello, sweets!!! 🙂 5 days until Christmas….are you all ready?? 🙂 Aaaah I can’t wait for my super long weekend (literally!) A much deserved break. I wish my family is here cause I know it would be perfect to spend my free time with them. A lot of things can remind us about Christmas, for me I can think of 5 right off the top of my head. One of which is food,and I swear, as we draw closer to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I am already starting to get worried about my game plan because I know it will be non-stop eating for me!!!!


Summer is the perfect time for my smoothies. Everyone who is close to me knows that I could drink a 12oz smoothie in just seconds!


I am very particular with the smoothies that I drink. I only like fresh fruits and natural sweetener.

This summer, I was able to experiment with some of my favorite fruits and beat the heart with a nice homemade healthy cold smoothie!

And of course, my trusty pink blender was there to help!


I’ve always wanted to try the fruit juices that are available in the supermarket. The words “all natural” and “no sugar added” made me buy this bottle!

It was a bit too strong for A and I. Honestly, I would prefer to do my own mix


‘Tis the season for mason jars!




Red beets,anyone?


I am still not a fan of beets. Though I feel like I am getting there.

Remember when I said I will try everything? I DID! And I’ve realized that as I try things more and more, I learn to appreciate and like the things that I thought I wouldn’t (ever) like.


I like beet greens though! Cause I love leafy green vegetables.




One of my apt. lunch dates with A


We have an abundant amount of noodles and pasta here in the apartment, which is good because we will always have something that A and I will love to eat during our lunch dates.

Lobster in White Wine Sauce with Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula




Squash and zucchini were in season. I think I had soooo much of them this summer!


and sometimes I get extra naughty (as A likes to say it) and tell A I do not want any pasta, so I substitute veggies.

We finally have a veggie pasta slicer so expect awesome veggie pasta dishes in the coming months! 🙂





Bake the cookbook: Milk Bar


Milk bar is popular for their desserts made with cereal. One of which is their cornflake cookie.

After trying it, I’ve decided to try and make it at home. With the right ingredients and by following Christina Tosi and her team’s instructions, I was able to recreate the cornflake cookie! Yess <3



Aside from eating out, shopping, and watching our shows — A and I also spent our Mondays in places where we can find cool stuff! Cool stuff meaning, food!


Fresh Market is now our new haven. They have awesome stuff like Wegman’s!


The entire store would make you want to stay there for hours…I did! We did!


Want to make your own “peanut” butter? You can ground your own there!!! 🙂



Work Fun: Greek’s Kitchen Battle

So I work at a place where we make cooking more exciting! This summer, George and A had a kitchen battle.

We have a produce garden above the restaurant (which looks amazing in the summer!) so Chef’s key ingredients were kohlrabi, cactus, and anything from the garden.


A made a very delicious appetizer. This is his take on Greek Salad

Cactus, kohlrabi, cherry tomatoes and shrimp.


A is such a fan of Chris Cosentino. During the Top Chef Masters finals Chris Cosentino made this dish.

Poached oysters, house made sausage, mustard greens, and sunny side up egg





Saturdays in the kitchen


Of course, George had to pick out a flower for his dish.


George made a baked oyster for his appetizer. With bacon and crab glacage.


For George’s cactus category, he seared the scallops and served them with cactus and kohlrabi wrapped in swiss chard.



with George and A. hahaha



Oh you know…cause I can’t end this post without showing my face… lol


with the fiance


R <3

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