December in Manila

12.2013: Memories at home

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!!! Aaaah another year of spending the holidays away from my family, but thank God this year is not going to be sad or anything because I have A’s family with me. I sometimes feel guilty when I overlook the sad part of being away from home, I feel like I am cheating.

I miss home… I miss all our December traditions. I know it’s too much to ask, but sometimes I wish I have both.


The food that I make at home helps me remember all the good moments that I had with my family.


Just like this Chocolate Cupcake with Reese’s Peanut Butter Frosting that I made for my family who loves to eat desserts like me.


Last year, I spent the week before Christmas Eve baking! Baking for family, friends, and my Mom’s demand (haha). I had the chance to do my holiday baking this year, but it felt VERY different. My piggies are not here to eat my baked goodies….


For my afternoon date with my Dad, I made a dish with one of his favorites — shrimp.


Shrimp with the head on and Sausage in Tomato Sauce


Seeing my family all gathered at the dining table for Christmas Eve made me wish that I was home cooking for them…


I had to be creative with our speculoos goodies at home since we had too many.


So I’ve decided to use it as a crust for my chocolate tart.

It was now one of my favorite things to make!


melting melting melting chocolate


Cause I love “mah” ramekins!


Smooth and velvety chocolate tart! I love this sooo much!

I made this recipe this year for us to feast on tomorrow 🙂


“what’s in my pantry” kind of night.


Green Tea chocolate bar from Hong Kong…. aaaaah I need one now.



Another Christmas tradition that we always do at home is to get our Christmas ham and keso de bola from Excellente.



A tradition that’s been passed on from my grandfather.

I grew up with my Dad taking us to Quiapo. So it never bothered me. I am always excited to go there cause he takes us to all the best restaurants to eat delicious food. #fattyproblems


I like to go here for my dice ube hopia


..and I love them hotttt!




Daddy goes here for hopia. I must say that they have the best! Better than Eng Bee Tin!

The owner is very nice that whenever we go we never leave without a little extra.


And how can I not miss going to church with my family during Christmas?? And welcoming my brother’s birthday after mass! Aaaah the feeling.


Random “I am going to Quiapo” OOTD





Merry Cristmas, dolls!!! 🙂

Don’t worry! This is not my Christmas post yet! xx, R

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