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12.01.14: Il Mio Amore

Hello,dolls!!! 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!!! I am a bit late but I know that the spirit of Christmas is still alive in every part of us. We are only a few days away from welcoming 2015 and as my way of thanking you all my dear readers, I will post 2 special entries before the end of the year.

The past 2 months have been very eventful, and I can only thank my big guy up there for all the blessings that I have received. I may be away from my family for all the joyous moments that happened in my life, but He never failed to make me feel their presence in all different ways. One of the biggest blessings that he gave me is A —- my constant source of happiness.

Before we move on…read about my previous posts about my 24th birthday


Since our November and December are already planned out for work and special events, we couldn’t really go somewhere out of Baltimore for my birthday. Despite of that, A still managed to make me feel like we are away by taking me to a place that he knows I love.DSC_0256AA

It was love, at first sight, I must say when A took me to Charles Street for lunch. I told him that the area is unique and that it makes me feel like I am away from Baltimore. It must be the hill like road or the beautiful buildings and unique looking shops.


I really appreciate it when A plans our date. He is really great in choosing the perfect place to take me to.

For my birthday, he chose this 20 year old Italian Restaurant. Sotto Sopra


It was one of our best dinners to date!


I was expecting him to take me to an Asian restaurant cause he was mentioning it all week. Thank goodness he didn’t because Sotto Sopra is the perfect place for my 24th.



Everything about Sotto Sopra is breathtaking! The building, the dining room, the food, and the service!

The dining room has a very romantic vibe…making it pretty challenging for me to take awesome pictures.


Champagne all night!!Perfect for our special dinner.


Pretty proud of myself cause I was still able to keep it together after having 3 glasses.


My handsome date.


I love bread baskets!!!!


Beef Carpaccio with Shaved Parmesan, mixed green salad, fennel, and truffle oil.


this was really perfect for A and I. I wanted cheese and greens, and he wanted meat…so we got both!

This was very flavorful and fresh! Melt in your mouth carpaccio seasoned perfectly. YUMMMS!


For my pasta dish, I got the straccetti al funghi (wild mushroom sauce).

I think you should all know by now that I love mushrooms. I have never seen “wild mushroom sauce” on a menu before, so of course I did not think twice in ordering this.

This was phenomenal. the pasta was cooked perfectly and sauce was everything I hoped it would be!!!!! I could have this everyday.



A had the veal agnolotti.

Truffle oil, sauteed spinach, veal demi glace

This pasta dish was made for him. Perfect little pillows of stuffed pasta.


For my entree, I ordered the pan seared halibut with with butternut squash puree, brown butter ricotta gnocchi, and carrot-parsnip-zucchini slaw.


I feel like everything that we ordered were made for us.

I love butternut squash… I am crazy about gnocchi… I go crazy over anything that has veggies..and I like fish!

This was really really good! And would you believe that I did not have any leftover? Cause most of the time I do. haha


A had the pork ossobucco with truffled wild mushroom risotto

One of the best osso bucco that we’ve had. Pork was very tender and the sauce was just amazing. I had to eat some of A’s risotto cause I can’t get enough!

DSC_0235A DSC_0247A

Sparkler for me!!!!




Almond biscotti with raspberry cheesecake gelato

Our server was amazing! He was very attentive and friendly. I could honestly say  that part of our great experience is because of him.


IMG_0716AVery blessed to have this man beside me to put a smile on my face. 🙂


R <3

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