New Jersey Eats: Best Italian Restaurants

Hello, sweets!!! Happy (almost) New Year!! Only two and a half days left to make 2014 memorable, are you ready for 2015? I can’t believe that the new year is literally right around the corner. I feel like I still have tons of things to do before I kiss 2014 goodbye. This holiday week has been really beautiful, I can only thank God for blessing us with time to see family and friends during this wonderful season. It’s been really hectic and crazy for A and I since thanksgiving, and I remember looking forward to to this week when he was at the peak of his 70hr schedule.


We spent the past week away from Baltimore — a much needed vacation for the both of us.


We spent 2 days in New York and a couple of days in New Jersey, it was the perfect way to celebrate this holiday season.

Since I am still behind my posts, I am going to share something that happened not too long ago in New Jersey.


This what breakfast in New Jersey (or should I say…with the in laws) look like. YUM


We are very lucky that A’s parents like to eat. One of the places that we went to for dinner is A Touch of Italy.

It is a beautiful restaurant owned by a Greek restaurateur and his Italian wife.


I do not havepictures of everything but everything were delish! We all started with a nice plate of salad.


Hot Peppers Fritti

Fried long Italian peppers. Too spicy for my dear life! Even I couldn’t handle it. haha

Considering that I have a higher tolerance with spicy food than A.


I ordered spinach ravioli…cause I love ravioli…and spinach!!!!

Super delish!



A ordered the clams, shrimp, and calamari in white wine sauce.

Very delicious!


Their homemade desserts were too die for! and I swear this is probably one of the best chocolate mousse brownies that I’ve had!

Super decadent and smooth. Aaaaah


What’s an Italian dinner without a delicious cannoli?



We were able to go to a good number of restaurants in New Jersey this year.


Love the tuscan vibe as soon as we walked in.


Saw their special drink on the board by the hostess stand, I knew I had to get this strawberry smoothie! yumms


Herb infused oil and bread to start with.


Peking Duck Pot Stickers

YUMMMMS! Duck for A, pot stickers for me. We got both!!


Cause we have to have our fried calamari 🙂



…and of course, salad to start with.


Chicken Francaise 



Half Roasted Chicken with Vegetables and Potato


A’s Veal Scarpariello

A liked this one because it has pretty much everything that he wants with his veal…almost.


Chicken Parmigiana for me! Cause it was a perfect day to have a big plate of pasta with tomato sauce and chicken with cheese! yumms



Gotta have my froyo fix!



I am really blessed that A and I were able to go on beautiful adventures this year. I know I will only smile when I look back to this year cause it has been truly amazing.




Spring OOTD to end this post.

P.S. Since I still have 2 (and a half) days left this year, I am going to post another one! YES!



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