Baltimore to Manila Flight: Tips and Places To Go


HAPPY NEW YEAR, DOLLS!!! 🙂 I know I promised that I will post an entry yesterday, but aaah the last day of 2014 was a crazy roller coaster ride that ended with so much excitement! Anyway, looking back I realized that posting an entry on the first day of the year is probably a good way to start a progressive blogging year 😉 Only 3 months until I get to be in the arms of my family again,and aaaah I can’t wait! So today, as my first blog of the year, I will look back to my memorable trip back home.

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I don’t think I can ever get used to not being with my family, especially during the holidays. A lot of people tell me that it seems like I have adjusted to my new life here already. but honestly, I still yearn for my family’s presence…every waking day.


I left a week before A. We all know how hard it could be to ask time off from work. I am blessed that I work with people who understands my situation so they allowed me to get a month off.

It was a bittersweet departure for me. It’s always hard to leave Baltimore alone..


A and I had a decent amount of time before my boarding time. So just like what we love to do, we decided to try one of the restaurants in the airport.

Guacamole and Chips 


I ordered the Asian Salad

Just because I did not have the appetite to eat. “SEPANX” (separation anxiety) was hitting me real hard!


A’s Cuban sandwich


“Promise me that this will be the last time I will travel alone”

I never thought that I will get that feeling again. I mean I know I have the worst case of SEPANX but ugh… I woke up that morning with a heavy feeling when I saw A loading my stuff in his car. I did not want to be away from him.

I kind of wished that we could travel together to see my family. Although it was just a week of being away together (and duuh! knowing that I will be with this man for the rest of my life) I just hate it, you know? I hate airport goodbyes! I hate being away from the people that I love because I feel like I’ve had enough of it in this lifetime.

As soon as I stepped in the airport, I got that same dejecting feeling that I had 2 years ago when A and I kissed each other goodbye..with the uncertainty of the future.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and pray really really hard for the time that I will have my family and A by my side with no “expiration date”


A and my family gets mad at me because when I travel alone I do not eat anything but the plane food and a fruit cup.

I hate eating and traveling alone..especially if I know I left someone.

Travel time to/from MNL-Baltimore is more or less a day.


We usually fly to California (LAX/SF) when we travel to the Philippines. But this year it will be different! A and I can’t wait to save a lot of time this year!! No more long layovers!!!



Was able to skype with A before I landed in MNL. Thank you PAL! #LOL


FINALLLLLY! Aaaah that feeling of being with my family again!

They all stayed up late to pick me up from the airport. I arrived at 3AM in the morning!


First order of business: Philippine Mango!




As a tradition, we went to Aristocrat 🙂


I couldn’t get myself to sleep. So as soon as the sun went up, I told my Mom to help me get some things done before A’s arrival.




And of course, a Mother-Daughter date was in order.

We shared a nice plate of Pad Thai (which made us really excited for our trip to Bangkok!)


I forgot about my anxiety as soon as I saw my family. I just wanted to spend time and be my normal self with them. Like I’ve never left at all…


My sissy straight from work.


With this fatty… #brisket hahahhaa


My family never fails to send me stuff!  But I did not expect to come home and see presents in our room! Aaaah <3


Strawberry and Yogurt Milka because they know I love yogurt!



new babies!!


totes adorbs.


My brother Remo of course did not forget me when he went to Singapore and Malaysia! I like how he knows I like Betty Boop! haha 🙂


A and I made my faovrite piggies happy with all the sweets that we brought with us. Only took us 4 suitcases to bring all the presents….. HAAAA!

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You know you’re in Manila when you hear TAHOOOO in the morning.


6 months without taho brought me to this!!!!

One can never have enough taho. haha



Filipino delicacies in the morning. This that I love to eat every Sunday!


…and of course! Bubble Tea everywhere!!!!!



Cause home means being crazy with my piggies!


… crazy CRAZY!



like super duper crazy!

The main reason of me coming home after only being here for 6 months is my Dad’s 50th birthday.

DSC_03700 (2)

A arrived 2 days before Daddy’s birthday.

He was so happy to see some of his favorite Filipino food for Daddy’s birthday lunch.

Like this giant wok of pancit. It’s a tradition in the Philippines to eat noodles on your birthday. So here, we have pancit for everyone!

DSC_03700 (6)A

Lechon! What’s a 50th birthday without lechon??

Had to control myself that morning because I had to prepare for the night (which I will hopefully post soon!)

DSC_03700 (9)A

DSC_03700 (10)A

and of course!! Chili crabs. yes yes yes!

Perks of having a cook!

DSC_03700 (11)A

mmmm…yesss! My favorite!

that time I picked up a from the airport and knew that it will be the last time!


To end this entry, thank you dolls!!! for keeping me inspired to blog. 88 countries this year! Wow! <3



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