Home Run for The New Year


HAPPY NEW YEAR, DOLLS!!! 🙂 I know I promised that I will post an entry yesterday, but aaah the last day of 2014 was a crazy roller coaster ride that ended with so much excitement! Anyway, looking back I realized that posting an entry on the first day of the year is probably a good way to start a progressive blogging year 😉 Only 3 months until I get to be in the arms of my family again,and aaaah I can’t wait! So today, as my first blog of the year, I will look back to my memorable trip back home.

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I don’t think I can ever get used to not being with my family, especially during the holidays. A lot of people tell me that it seems like I have adjusted to my new life here already. but honestly, I still yearn for my family’s presence…every waking day.


I left a week before A. We all know how hard it could be to ask time off from work. I am blessed that I work with people who understands my situation so they allowed me to get a month off.

It was a bittersweet departure for me. It’s always hard to leave Baltimore alone..


A and I had a decent amount of time before my boarding time. So just like what we love to do, we decided to try one of the restaurants in the airport.

Guacamole and Chips 


I ordered the Asian Salad

Just because I did not have the appetite to eat. “SEPANX” (separation anxiety) was hitting me real hard!


A’s Cuban sandwich


“Promise me that this will be the last time I will travel alone”

I never thought that I will get that feeling again. I mean I know I have the worst case of SEPANX but ugh… I woke up that morning with a heavy feeling when I saw A loading my stuff in his car. I did not want to be away from him.

I kind of wished that we could travel together to see my family. Although it was just a week of being away together (and duuh! knowing that I will be with this man for the rest of my life) I just hate it, you know? I hate airport goodbyes! I hate being away from the people that I love because I feel like I’ve had enough of it in this lifetime.

As soon as I stepped in the airport, I got that same dejecting feeling that I had 2 years ago when A and I kissed each other goodbye..with the uncertainty of the future.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and pray really really hard for the time that I will have my family and A by my side with no “expiration date”


A and my family gets mad at me because when I travel alone I do not eat anything but the plane food and a fruit cup.

I hate eating and traveling alone..especially if I know I left someone.

Travel time to/from MNL-Baltimore is more or less a day.


We usually fly to California (LAX/SF) when we travel to the Philippines. But this year it will be different! A and I can’t wait to save a lot of time this year!! No more long layovers!!!



Was able to skype with A before I landed in MNL. Thank you PAL! #LOL


FINALLLLLY! Aaaah that feeling of being with my family again!

They all stayed up late to pick me up from the airport. I arrived at 3AM in the morning!


First order of business: Philippine Mango!




As a tradition, we went to Aristocrat 🙂


I couldn’t get myself to sleep. So as soon as the sun went up, I told my Mom to help me get some things done before A’s arrival.




And of course, a Mother-Daughter date was in order.

We shared a nice plate of Pad Thai (which made us really excited for our trip to Bangkok!)


I forgot about my anxiety as soon as I saw my family. I just wanted to spend time and be my normal self with them. Like I’ve never left at all…


My sissy straight from work.


With this fatty… #brisket hahahhaa


My family never fails to send me stuff!  But I did not expect to come home and see presents in our room! Aaaah <3


Strawberry and Yogurt Milka because they know I love yogurt!



new babies!!


totes adorbs.


My brother Remo of course did not forget me when he went to Singapore and Malaysia! I like how he knows I like Betty Boop! haha 🙂


A and I made my faovrite piggies happy with all the sweets that we brought with us. Only took us 4 suitcases to bring all the presents….. HAAAA!

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You know you’re in Manila when you hear TAHOOOO in the morning.


6 months without taho brought me to this!!!!

One can never have enough taho. haha



Filipino delicacies in the morning. This that I love to eat every Sunday!


…and of course! Bubble Tea everywhere!!!!!



Cause home means being crazy with my piggies!


…..like crazy CRAZY!



like super duper crazy!

The main reason of me coming home after only being here for 6 months is my Dad’s 50th birthday.

DSC_03700 (2)

A arrived 2 days before Daddy’s birthday.

He was so happy to see some of his favorite Filipino food for Daddy’s birthday lunch.

Like this giant wok of pancit. It’s a tradition in the Philippines to eat noodles on your birthday. So here, we have pancit for everyone!

DSC_03700 (6)A

Lechon! What’s a 50th birthday without lechon??

Had to control myself that morning because I had to prepare for the night (which I will hopefully post soon!)

DSC_03700 (9)A

DSC_03700 (10)A

and of course!! Chili crabs. yes yes yes!

Perks of having a cook!

DSC_03700 (11)A

mmmm…yesss! My favorite!

that time I picked up a from the airport and knew that it will be the last time!


To end this entry, thank you dolls!!! for keeping me inspired to blog. 88 countries this year! Wow! <3




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