Life Goals At 25

Hello, dolls! 🙂 3 days has passed since we welcome the new year, how was your 2015 so far? I honestly don’t feel like it’s already 2015, maybe because I am drowning with all the responsibilities that I have to do before this month ends (God I really need to get it together) or maybe because I still can’t believe that I will get married, see my family, and turn 25 THIS YEAR! It’s crazy how life scares us with time sometimes, I feel like I can never have enough days in a year — especially starting 2012, cause since then life has been amazing and I always get this feeling that I do not want that year to end.

Anyway, I stopped doing resolutions when I turned 15, cause after 10 days I forget about all the things that I want to change about myself and end up with a piece of paper that didn’t make sense at all by June. I feel like goals work for me better cause I like to make things happen.

So now, let me officially welcome 2015 by giving you 15 of my goals this year — for my family, love, and myself.




1. Holidays

As we close out the holiday season, I am putting this one first. This is the second time that I celebrated Christmas and New Year away from my family and just like everyone else who has the same situation as mine, I do not like it —- it’s hard. So this year, my goal is to not make 2015 the third time that I will spend the holidays away from my family.


2. Embrace them as many times as possible

Cause no matter what happens, I will always always go back home to see my family. I can’t wait to be back in Manila in April and sleep in my room, wake up and hear my Dad’s voice, try Mama’s new recipes, and be silly with my siblings. So when I come home this year, I want to be a better hugger, and hug them just like how my Dad hugs us.


3. Be the daughter/sister that they love

I feel guilty for all the times that I failed to call or respond to my family right away. Time is definitely not on our side because of the 12/13 hour difference. And since I have crazy hours at work, it’s a challenge to find time to sit down and call them regularly. My goal is to video chat with them as many times possible,not only during special occasions.




4. Sissy

Everyone knows that I will do anything for my family. This year, one of my goals is to let my sisters get the same opportunities and adventures that happened to me 2 years ago. I couldn’t see 2015 without her with me.


5. A and the fAm

My family LOVES A…. so much! It’s a shame that they only get less than a month with him every year. So this year, I am praying that they could have more time with him.




6. Get Married

Cause aaaah I can’t wait!!!! Who would have thought that my dream of finding the one will happen soon? Getting engaged to the man who made me love LOVE more was the best thing that happened to me last year. This year, we will get married and make another memorable year!




7. Married Life

I am excited about my life with A. How can I not be? He is everything that a girl could wish for! I can’t wait to unfold all the things that married life will bring. Good or bad, I am excited! My goal is to make our married life just as fruitful like the past 2 and a half years that we have been together.




8. Adventures

2014 was such a great year for our travel and food adventures together. This year, our list is going to be bigger and we can’t wait to cross them off one by one.


9. Nest

I can’t elaborate much on this one because I do not want to jinx it. But aaaah this year will be the year! Yes!!!!


10. Dreams Together

A and I have dreams together…things we want to happen for our career, families, and us. This year, we will take risks, dream bigger, and achieve our goals as a couple. WE ARE MAKING THEM ALL HAPPEN! 🙂




11. Kitchen Diaries

Last year was a great year for me when it came to cooking and baking at home. I was able to try different recipes and learn things on my own (which felt really great!). This year, I want to do it again…but more!! New techniques, new recipes, new tools. Aaaah the joy of being in the kitchen!


12. Travel

Traveling is one of the things that I will never leave out on my list. It’s something that I look forward to when things get too crazy. I am happy to say that I get to travel to another country every year. It is such a blessing that I am always thankful for.



13. No bridezilla moments

I sometimes think that I am pretty hard on myself when it comes to getting things done. I want everything perfect! Which is not good cause I get too stressed out when a curve ball hits me. For the first quarter of the year, I want to bring my A game on when it comes to wedding. I know I have put it on hold for a while because of the busy holiday season. But starting today, I will be a responsible bride-to-be! And no matter how stressful things will be, I do not want to have any bridezilla moment!


14. The Martha/Ina pegs

I really enjoy hosting dinner parties. I love coming up with things for my themed parties and slaving over the stove cooking food. This year, I have done a couple of parties here and back home in Manila. Parties that A and I hosted. I want to do more more more! And bring out the hostess in me. I love DIY stuff and setting up the table. I love cooking and baking for people. I love having friends over! I love making our families happy through the food that we cook. And aaaah, this year there will be more parties! Yes 🙂


15. Love life more

All these goals and all the things that I was able to achieve are blessings. Everything will not be possible without Him. This year, I will discover and try new things.

And as always, love life more and make the best out of this year.



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