New York Eats: Jeepney (Filipino Restaurant)

07.20.14: Summer Adventures

Hello,dolls! I was supposed to post this last night, but I felt really sick. ughh We had our first snowfall 3 days ago, so I guess this is how my body is adjusting. Coming from a tropical country, wherein you can only distinguish the weather as hot or hotter (lol), my body is really not used to winter. I am not a fan of winter, in fact I am already counting the days until it’s over. If it weren’t for the outfits that I can wear, I would probably abhor it. Since I am in dire need of anything that will keep me warm throughout the day, I am going to share with you our NYC food adventure this past summer. Talking about summer and a Filipino restaurant (cause it’s always warm in the Philippines) will surely help me stay cozy.


A wawa stop is always part of our schedule when we go to NJ or NY. And of course, I do not leave without a nice cold peach yogurt smoothie to keep me energized. haha

I like how Wawa has healthy food and drink choices!


A and I has a long list of places that we want to go to — overseas, here in Baltimore, other big states, and of course..New York.

I am very happy to say that we crossed off a lot of restaurants on our list last year. Including restaurants that are not very close to us… yay!


Filipino cuisine is still trying to make its way to be known and loved globally. It’s only now that a number of Filipino restaurants here in Baltimore opened up (3 years ago I only knew about 2, this year… we have 2 more Filipino restaurants close to us now yay!). So imagine our excitement when we found out about Jeepney, 1 of the 12 restaurants in New York that we know of. 


One of the first tagalog words that A learned, sarap!

It’s nice to see this as soon as you walk in the restaurant, it tells the customers of what’s ahead of them.


Jeepney is a Filipino Gastropub, they do a modern take on classic Filipino dishes.

A and I are so happy that we were able to go to NYC on a Saturday! I love brunch so I was looking forward to try their weekend brunch specials 🙂




Filipino inspired decorations were eveywhere







Love this spot in the restaurant! Especially because we have some of the books 🙂






Summer is the best time for outdoor dining




Tagaytay Shake

Avocado, milk, sugar, and toasted coconut flakes




Avocado shake is my ultimate favorite smoothie. Mango, coconut, and melon are next. So give me 2 flavors out of those 4, I’ll go crazy!



Look at this beaut!




Big smile cause it was super delish!


Hello, Jeepney brunch 😉



Ube Pancakes and Longganisa 

I do not normally order pancakes for brunch, but this has every flavor that I want — ube, calamansi, and macapuno.



The longganisa was super good!!!! A loved it too.

I like how they serve the ube pancakes with macapuno syrup and calamansi butter.





Bulalo Hash

Bone marrow, short rib and potato hash, fried farm egg, pandesal and bulalo soup

DSC_0603AThis dish was made for A. Oh my, the look on his face when he saw the bone marrow!


A was generous enough to let me finish the pandesal. It was such a surprise! We did not know they’ll have pandesal prior to our trip to NYC.





Our brunch was very remarkable. It was so nice to go to a restaurant that serves creative Filipino food.


Self portraits were in order…of course.



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