Thanksgiving Menu: Asian Appetizer Ideas

11.27.14: Turkey Day

Hello, dolls!!! So something hit me last night… I realized that I should work on my Holiday posts before it gets really old. The last 2 months of the year is probably the busiest for most of us. We celebrate 5 holidays…meaning 5 days to look forward to with family (and over eating!). Thanksgiving is right around my birthday, and though I’ve only celebrated it twice, I appreciate how I know I’ll have family to celebrate my birthday with.


Speaking of family….. it will only be less than 3 months until I get to be home again!!!!

But I’ll get back to this later haha


 Our beautiful table on Thanksgiving.

I spent the day with my family here in Baltimore. A had to work until 8PM which made me feel bad for him because I know how much he wanted to be with his family.

So we had dinner later than everyone else in the East Coast…it’s funny cause as I was browsing my Instagram feed I saw a bunch of Thanksgiving dinner posts while we were just having our appetizer. haha


We had 3 kinds of appetizer… I know… YUMMMS!

We started with this delicious English Lancashire cheese.



It wasn’t easy to break into,I used A’s cleaver cause we do not have a cheese knife (yet) but it was super delish!!!! I enjoyed it on top of a toast with pomegranate.


I really admire A’s Mom for having the perfect dinnerware for every occasion.

Like this Turkey platter! 🙂


We welcomed an Asian dish on our table. A’s Mom made me do summer rolls as our second appetizer. Which I really enjoyed doing, just like always 🙂



I normally do summer rolls with peanut sauce, but Williams-Sonoma has a refreshing alternative for the dipping sauce. Now I am torn which sauce to make whenever I do this haha



Maria’s eggplant dip and polenta…. aaaah I died! Polenta and eggplant dip?? YES PLEASE!



cause it’s pumpkin month!

DSC_0165AA’s drink of choice.




He likes to have this during special occasions.





Our table was beautifully set. A’s Mom has everything to make a table look good for every event.


Mrs. S and Maria did a great job on Thanksgiving which made me feel pretty bad cause I did not do much.

Thanksgiving for 5! 🙂


Sweet Kale and Brussel Sprout Salad with Cranberries and Pumpkin Seed

My new favorite salad!


Mashed Potatoes with Turnips


Homemade cranberry sauce… yummms!


Wild Rice and Beef Stuffing


Bread Stuffing with Onions, Celery, and Sausage

This was very delicious! Having it the day after was just as delightful. NOMS!


Baked Green Beans

Love the crunchy onions on top! 🙂 And who can go wrong with baked beans with mushroom??


So I wasn’t able to snap a picture before A dissected our big turkey!

Our delicious and juicy turkey.


To end my Thanksgiving post… here’s our yorkshire pudding fresh out of the oven.



Before A and I left Manila, my parents decided to have our home blessed. It felt like thanksgiving to me because we celebrated being together in a beautiful home.


Some of the Filipino dishes that we had. My Dad made sure that we will have A’s favorites.

Pancit Canton, Pork Liver with Snap Peas, Steamed Fish, Crispy Pata


I know I have not posted much about our big day. So here’s an intro to my wedding related post.

We brought my engagement ring to our jeweler last week to have my wedding band made! Aaah I am so excited. She designed a ring specially made for the beautiful ring A gave me. I can’t wait to see it in a couple of weeks! 🙂

I like going to Nelson Coleman because they have warm cookies and Keurig! hahaha


R <3


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