Christmas Eve Menu Ideas: Seafood and Italian Food

12.24.14: WISH

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Happy Weekend!! We are now on day 17 of 2015, how has your year been so far? I wonder if I can ever feel that time is moving normally, like I am not chasing after it. For the past year, a lot of great things happened that kind of wish that 2014 could be longer…you know? Like…it’s too good to end.

I like how the holidays are at the end of the year. I feel like we are being rewarded for all the hard work that we did, love and kindness that we gave, and sacrifices that we made. And at the same time, be blessed with His presence and the realization that He is with us throughout the year. Cause honestly, nothing can make us feel better than the faith that we have for Him within us.


My Christmas Eve was beautiful. We woke up in New York, talked to my family in MNL during the day, and spent the holiday with our family here in New Jersey.


This was the second time I’ve spent Christmas away from my family. But you know what’s amazing? God blessed me with another family that I can be with..without even asking for it, He gave me A and his family.


One of the three Christmas trees that the (future) Mom-in-Law had in the house.

I love how each tree has a theme! 🙂


Cocktail to commence our Christmas Eve


This recipe is from a newspaper that A’s grandmother saved.


Nobody calls me “Ia”’s funny because all my life I am used to everyone calling me by my nickname.

I had a huge smile o my face when I saw the the Mom put Ia on my cocktail glass.


LOVE traditions. I love how I can experience new things because of A’s heritage. This Christmas Eve was my first feast of the 7 fishes. It’s a tradition that Italians do wherein they only eat an odd number of seafood and fish. Seafood…aaaah one of my favorites.



Clams Oreganata


4 days ago I shared with you some of my Mom-In-Law’s thanksgiving dinnerware. Now, here are some of her Christmas Spode dinnerware —- that I am super in love with!


Our second appetizer was crabcakes.. a Maryland specialty.




And of course! How can we not have octopus???


The Dad in Law did a great job in cooking the octopus. It came out really really tender and flavorful.


Fried Calamari


fried to perfection with the perfect amount of seasoning…aaaah soo gooood!


Funny because A is not a big fan of feta!


A’s tagliolini with clams


…and yes!!!Mushroom Ravioli in Tomato Sauce. 


We were not able to cook the fish, scallops, and shrimp after the ravioli. We were all full and I swear, I wanted to jog for about an hour after our dinner!!!


Let me end this post with an OOTD… cause you know, it was also a good year for my closet! 🙂


The colors red and green comes to mind when I think about Christmas.


…and white, yes white. I like to wear something white to symbolize the pureness in our hearts during the holiday season.DSC_0944A

I love Lauren Conrad!! I am such a big big big fan. So imagine how happy I am when I got this a few days before Christmas???? 🙂

The wish design is very perfect because don’t we all have wishes that we want to come true?? Especially on Christmas?:)



The sweater is very perfect for the holiday and the cold weather! Plussss…it’s one of my comfiest sweaters!!


For my Christmas green, I wore this pleated skirt from Forever21. It kind of gave me that school girl vibe because of the pleats. I have got to say that I now love wearing this during winter! It makes any outfit standout because of the color and style.



Green day.



With the love of my life. <3



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