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09.01.14: My Asian Guy

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 Happy Monday!! The past week was very rewarding and blessed for the Filipinos due to the Papal Visit. Hearing stories from my family who went to see him 4 days in a row just gave me so much happiness. I feel like it was a very fruitful 4 days and I wish I could have went with them. It’s been 4 months since I’ve been home and I miss it terribly. Lucky for me, I have this blog and a gazillion photos to share so I get to reminisce about moments during my homecoming and feel like it wasn’t very long ago.


I was very happy to welcome September 2014 in Manila. Apart from the happiness that I was feeling for being home, A arrived at 3AM in the morning, making September 1st one of the best day last year.

So what do we on A’s first day back in the Philippines? Try to fight jet lag until 7AM, take a nap, then leave for lunch. Probably not the most ideal time frame but it worked for us a couple of times. haha


So what did we do to make a feel at home in the Philippines??5 letters—- RAMEN!

We went to Nomama Artisnal Ramen because I am on a mission…and that is to take A to all of the great ramen places in the Philippines. I did not want to exhaust A so I’ve decided to go somewhere close to us. Nomama, which is 15 minutes away from us, came to mind so we went there.


Braised Beef Curry Rib Gyoza with Espresso 


Taking A to Nomama was a great move. I did not want him to be grumpy because of the long flight and time difference so I am very happy that Nomama did not disappoint. It had everything that A wanted… unique ingredients, creative dishes with Asian flavors.


We all loved the gyoza! It was very flavorful and….perfect.

Perfect for A most especially beause he LOVES curry and short ribs.



I really love the concept and interior of the restaurant. It was very cozy! Too bad their branch in Quezon City closed a few weeks after we went.


Tantanmen Ramen

Spicy Ramen x Pork x Chilies x Poached Egg x Bok Choy


How can I resist spicy broth?? I prefer my ramen spicy and this was perfect!


Ox Tongue and Chili Tofu


Ox tongue??? A was super excited for this! He enjoyed it very much and said it is one of the best ramens he had.

To end our sumptuous lunch… I cannot pass on homemade kitkat.


This is seriously crushing my heart now because I want it so baaaaaaad!!!!

This was one of the best desserts ever!!! Beyond perfect I must say.


I love how I can just call my girlfriends and hangout with them anytime.


I gave Jho a call 5 minutes after A and I left our house and was able to pick her up less in less than 10 minutes. Aaah how I wish it’s that easy here.



Since A was only in the Philippines for 17 days we made sure that we will try A LOT of things.


I was quite hesitant to make A try tinapa, a Filipino smoked fish.I thought it will be too much for him BUT I was wrong! He loved it. I forgot that tinapa is not too far from the smoked white fish that we can get here in the US.

How I miss breakfasts like this. YUMMS


For A’s first dinner at home…. his favorite, pork sinigang!




To end my post, let me share with you one of our Filipino dinners that we did here in Baltimore.





Over the summer,we invited the interns to cook with us. I was an intern before so I know how it feels to be away from everyone and how challenging it is to go to places. I was very lucky that I met A, he made things easier for me.


I also know how it feels to miss Filipino dishes. So what better way to have Filipino food?? Cook at home!


Sinigang na Hipon, Pork Sisig, and Chicken Sisig (cause I am afraid of cholesterol) ahaha

…and of course steamed rice that we cooked using our rice cooker!

Very Pinoy!


Can’t wait to be home in a couple of weeks!


R <3

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    1. I am terribly sorry for only getting back to you now. Please shoot me an e-mail at whenever you need help with a Filipino dish. I would be glad to share recipes with you! Thank you so so so much for nominating me and for the kind words. All the best!!! 🙂 xxoo

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