Christmas Morning

12.25.14: Merry Christmas!

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Happy Friday!! Aaaaah it has been a very long day and I am just so happy to be sitting on the couch, catching up on my show,blogging while looking at wedding stuff, and eating a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup cooked by A. (so yeaaap I like to multitask!) Anyway, tonight I will clear my mind by sharing what our Christmas morning looked like this December.


I was super excited to wake up on Christmas morning.

I was motivated to wake up early that day.First because of my family that I was able to talk to, and second…the presents!!!


presents, presents, presents!

..and there were still a lot hidden behind the chairs.


Can’t call it Christmas morning without our Christmas jammies <3DSC_0759A

It was love at first sight when I saw these PJs. I feel like it was made for me! Eiffel tower?? Yes please!

Super perfect for Christmas! I am seriously convinced that I am going to wear this again for Christmas Eve this year… unless I find something just as adorbs.


Cause coffee is mainstream on Christmas morning. 

Our breakfast mocktail.


Breakfast Caserolle

This was super gooooood!!!! You wouldn’t even think it’s gluten free.



Cinnamon Rolls….nommms <3


We opened our presents after our delicious breakfast.

I must have eaten a bit too fast cause I was really excited! haha


A little Christmas DIY for my love




A and I received a lot this Christmas!!! Our smiles were from ear to ear!

These were all the presents that we opened on Christmas morning <3


I must have been good last year becuase Santa gave me everything on my list

Here are some of the presents that we received…


Smoking Gun for A and I from the parents <3


Cause I am now into home stuff! How cute are these coasters?


Meet my best friend, Godiva.


…and more chocolates!!

The mom-in-law knows what can make me smile, the coasters and chocolates were perfect!

One of my presents for A is this box of champagne truffles (that we have yet to try!)


Fran made me super excited to decorate this coming Christmas.


The Buscemi’s know how much A loves Asian food! He opened a box filled with stuff perfect for his noodle cravings..



I filled this Santa bag with some of A’s favorite snacks.


Cause we can never have too many mugs… especially because I drink tea at least twice a day!

I find it funny that our initials can also stand for “Rianna Galvez”. G— because everyone calls A by his nickname 😉


2 books off our list! Yay!

A got the book that he wants from Maria. Annnnnd Uncle Joe got me the Bouchon Bakery cookbook!! AAAAH I am so excited to bake something from the book! 🙂



How adorbs are these ramen bowls??? Really thoughtful of Mom to get these for us 🙂


A will definitely stay warm this winter.

Family from the Philippines sent him shirts and I got him sweaters and a scarf.

It never crossed A’s mind to wear a scarf so I thought that if I get him one, he will like it! And he did! I showed him how to do it and now he loves it. #MissionAccomplished


I call this the year of penguin.

We gave and received Penguin stuff this Christmas. Like this scarf for A from Maria.



Lauren Conrad sweaters…



for myself….from myself. HAHA

cause I like to reward myself.


Perfect for our new Keurig! Thanks to the Novaks <3


…and now we move on to the more awesome stuff.




A made me the happiest maarte girl!!!


Look at my new babies <3




It was not planned, promise.

I was supposed to get A something that he could use for the wedding. But I realized its pretty premature since we still have things to iron and I do not want the present to go to waste. So….


I’ve decided to get him this croc skin wallet.Ted Baker was one of the brands that I looked at and I instantly saw A holding this.

Since I wasn’t able to get him something for the wedding, I realized that I could give him a peek of what’s to come…in the form of Ted Baker 🙂


We like little trinkets like this.



…and to make A really really happy (just like what he always does for me) a Burberry shirt for the love of my life <3


Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have friends here who make me feel special?


Kae gave me the most perfect Kate Spade bracelet!!! Aaah I am so in love <3 <3 <3


My first Vera Bradley from the Buscemi’s! 🙂


Cause I have the best fiance EVER!!!!!!!



What our life looks like now…Sims 4 for me, AC IV for him! hahaha

We are truly blessed with people who loves us dearly!!!! 🙂 This Christmas was filled with happiness and love 🙂


To end this post…since the Superbowl is right around the corner. Here’s a little sporty post for ya 😉

I created this peg that I am actually super in love with right now. My inspiration is the Oriole’s hat from

If I were to go to a baseball game (which I want to make happen this year) I would this to be my outfit.

What do you think?

Not an oriole’s fan? Go to and check your team.



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