Manila Eats: Anghelica’s (Ube Leche Flan and more)

09.02.14: Anghelica’s, Borough, Black Chicken, and Mama’s Hainanese Chicken

Hello, dolls! Happy snowy Monday 😉 I can’t believe that my “weekend” is almost over again…and that in 8 and half weeks I will be home again!!! I don’t think I can hide the fact that I am pretty scared about February coming so soon. I feel like I still have tons to do… for the wedding, our life after the wedding, my sister’s future, my family taking a big step for togetherness..and you know? THE WEDDING! The past weekend was nothing but a riot and aaaah…I am just happy to finally let my thoughts out and clear my mind…even for just a little while 🙂


When I think of home, one of the things that come to mind is Anghelica’s.

Chef Anne’s brainchild. (which makes me realize! I need to place my orders soon!)

DSC_0348AWhen A and I came home in September, I told Chef Anne I want to try all of her new creations. Having her ube leche flan cake with the family is one of the reasons why I would always come home.

Anghelica’s promote desserts with Filipino favorite ingredients and flavors or as she puts it — Anghelica’s is a tribute to Philippine sweets.

The ube leche flan cake is the killer, but there is so much more in Anghelica’s that you have to try.



Baklava is a middle eastern dessert (Greek baklava is my favorite though!) anyway… so I was pretty excited to try Chef Anne’s baklava because ugh I swear if I am in the presence of baklava, you cannot expect me to just have a few bites. I eat baklava until I hate myself.

Anghelica’s version is made with cashew nuts! Which is one of my favorite nuts.DSC_0343A

This baklava has the perfect crispy layers of fillo pastry, cashew and toasted coconut in sweetened milk. It’s everything a Filipino would love.



Folded cocoa chiffon, milk crumb,and pastillas cream filling. Yes, pastillas cream! Aaaaah the milk crumb and pastillas filling with chocolate? HEAVEN!

The pillowy texture of the chiffon cake is going to keep you in having another bite, it is so light you won’t even notice you are on your second slice already.


The pastillas cream is the killer for me. It made me want to unfold this and just scrape all the filling and put it in a bowl and eat! Cause you know, it’s something I would really do.

Polvoron with grated queso de bola

Daddy’s favorite is queso de bola. I like how Anghelica’s have desserts with queso de bola cause I know I have something that he will love.



And of course, my kind of “usual” — THE ube leche flan cake.


A slice of everything



Anghelica’s desserts are perfect for every Filipino,especially those who are coming back from somewhere far..or as we say it balikbayans! 

It will bring back memories and give you that feeling of happiness for being home. Or at least that’s what I feel every time I have my desserts from Anghelica’s.



When in Manila, I make sure that I get to go on a lunch date with A. I love spending time with my family, but we also need our “alone time” and lunch is the best time for us.


Our house is close to Banawe, little Chinatown as we like to call it. It’s perfect because A is always up to go to a Chinese restaurant. In fact, for me to get him out of the house, I have to tell him that we are going to get Chinese food.

He never tried black chicken, so I was happy to take him to a restaurant that serves black chicken.


The restaurant has a no picture taking policy. *boo* but of course, being the “I-want-to-remember-every-moment” type of person I broke the rule and sneaked a few shots.

So I will not name the restaurant cause they might haunt me down and ban me— which I do not want to happen because they serve delicious Chinese food and I would love to have lunch there with my Dad and A again.

Anyway, while A enjoyed his big bowl of black chicken soup, I ordered a bunch of vegetable dishes (my fave!). And of course, dumplings cause they make it the best in Asia 😉

And a pork bun!!!! AAAAH I can’t believe that everything that we got were only $10! #ThisIsWhyWeLoveThePhilippines


After our lunch date we picked up the goodies from Chef Anne (see above!) and tried something new… (and something old)




Sebastian’s is a creamery that serve creative ice cream flavors, like Anghelica’s, they also highlight Filipino flavors. Like mango and bagoong(I tried it but it’s not something that I would love to have 3 spoonfuls of) , puto bumbong, bibingka, and bibingka espesyal.

So we tried the chocnut butter ice cream cause I am a chocnut freak! It was soooo good!!!!



Champorado and Dilis

This I really liked! I love how there are tidbits of rice that makes you feel like you are really eating champorado and the dilis will probably make your breath smell funny (I had to eat 3 mints before I talked to A because I know how much he hates the smell haha). Anyway, this was reaaaaallly good!


After our ice cream date, I took the boys to borough, one of my favorite restaurants in Manila.


I can’t not go to Podium and not get my milk and cookies!


Oooooh look at these babies!




Can’t wait to go back with all of my siblings and A soon!



Oh, hi.


A and I were super excited to go home that night. Mama told us she is making Hainanese Chicken for dinner. And aaaah it was ah-mah-zing!!!

She did such a great job! It tasted like the HCs that we had at the restaurants in Manila. It had all of the condiments and the perfect Hainanese rice! chicken was so tender and flavorful…aaaah <3


Mama put so much love into it so it came out really delicious!!! Can’t wait to have dinners at home soon and try Mama;s new recipes!!!! <3



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