Kitchen Diaries: Curry

Summer 2014

Hello, dolls!!! Happy hump day! 🙂 And happy birthday to my sister! I have an entry dedicated for her birthday but I do not want to make it all sappy so I’ll wait until her beee-day is over. Weather wise, I am not a big fan of winter. I am still trying my best to get used to it and though I like the idea of wearing a nice coat and layers of clothing, the torment that it gives me when I walk out of my apartment is unjustifiable! So the good side of it is that A and I gets more time with each other. After the busy holiday season, we can now spend more time in the morning together. We get to eat lunch together 4-5 days a week which is AWESOME!

That’s whyyyyy.. I’ve decided to share with you some of the dishes that we cooked for lunch over the summer.and a little extra to end this post.


LOVES curry! It’s funny because I can be easily put off by the strong smell of curry. I have certain specifications when it comes to the curry that I will devour and I guess it’s safe to say that I would prefer home cooked curry.DSC_0297A

Almost 3 years ago, Noi showed me how to make curry chicken using green curry paste. She pulled out this brand of curry paste from her pantry cabinet and as I watch her cook the curry, it reminded me of my first trip to Bangkok that involved cooking classes at Blue Elephant. The curry paste smelled the same as the one that we made in Thailand so I was pretty excited to try it. 


When I got back from Manila in February, I went to the Asian store to “stock up on my supplies” and included Maeseri on my list. I got every flavor — (Thai) red, green, yellow, and the Indian curry.


This was our take on the yellow curry.A loved it more,I have yet to find my soft spot for yellow and red curry.


That same week I found these babies

Square pan, oink oink measuring spoons, tart pan, black tea, artisan oil.


Trader Joe’s loot of the week


Although I know my title says curry, I have to squeeze in things that happened within that time frame haha

So here’s our Italian inspired lunch

Braised Kale, Chicken Piccata, Roasted Broccoli



Summer is the best time to highlight my love for vegetables!


…and now my green curry!!!



I go all out when we cook green curry at home. (if it’s red or yelllow curry I tend to tell A to just use whatever we have so he ends up with just onions and potatoes! haha)


I like Thai eggplant in my curry so I try to go to the Asian store when I know we’re cooking green curry.

Thai basil and green chilies are also a must!




A would often ask me, how can you eat yours without rice? It’s super spicy!

Well…. haha


All these curry talk reminded me of that time A and I went to a Laos party. We came to hangout with our dear Laos friends (and of course to eat their delicious food!) but they expected us to drink and dance and drink and party which was funny! I felt the Asian hospitality all the way and I am so glad that A and I went. There were a lot of new dishes that I was able to try which made me want to visit Laos someday.


I can’t end this summer post without my smoothie!


I must say, I LOVE avocado smoothie so I try to add avocado in all of my smoothies!

DSC_0732 (2)A

Say hello to my avocado and watermelon smoothie (and my huge mason jar..perfect for my smoothies!!!!!)



…and for my little extra.

Throwback to the time A and I went out with friends to enjoy our youth! haha

A night of drinking, laughing,and eating! As you can see the highlight of my night were the salad and snow cone that I had in between our bar hops.



This scenic view of Baltimore at night.



cause what’s summer without oreos?



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