New York Eats: Jollibee

07.21.14: Bida ang sarap!

Hello, dolls!! Happy Sunday!!! Our third pre-cana class just ended and ahhhh I can’t believe that we are almost at the end of this beautiful journey. We had an amazing day today! Although I must say, I overslept a little haha (but hey! I deserve it after working almost 13 hours yesterday!) So we went to church and had brunch at one of the best brunch places here in Baltimore, then had a good afternoon in class. How I love Sundays like this! Earlier, I prayed for more meaningful Sundays like today this year. My heart breaks just thinking about February ending so soon…and how after the wedding our work schedule will most likely get in the way.

So we are just 6 days away from Valentine’s….meaning 6 days until my father-in-law turns 60! What’s exciting about it is that we will be in New Jersey the day after so I am pretty hyped up about that. A short vacation is much needed for A and I!


I have 6 days to dream about our upcoming getaway. For now, I’ll blog about our New York side trip that happened over the summer.


A would often say that he wishes we have Jollibee close to us. When we are in New Jersey, he would drop hints saying we should go to Jollibee for lunch.

So when we were in New York with his family we decided to have lunch there so they can try the best-fried chicken..ever! 😛


2 buckets of fried chicken, rice, 4 large fries, 4 sundaes, yumburger, and my avocado pearl shake…. YES! When in Jollibee….YOU GO BIG! 😉


So my fiance had a 1/3 lb. burger, 2 pieces of fried chicken, fries, rice, a large drink, and a sundae. I don’t know how he did it but I guess that’s what happens when you miss Jollibee too much. haha



After our Jollibee trip, we went to Titan Foods, a Greek supermarket. It is the best Greek grocery here in the East Coast. I am always fascinated with groceries so I felt like I was a kid in a candy store!


Olive bar — just one of the many reasons why this place is awesome!




Cheese and cold cuts, anyone?


Oh you know, just a normal day to find smoked herring.



Just 2 of the MANY kinds of feta cheese that they have.


I wanted to try all these European chocolates!!


A standing dessert case of delicious pastries! Can I live here for a week?


Greek pastries… I want them all! YES!


Titan New York


The father-in-law got me these treats to try! DSC_0716A

A and I had to go back to Baltimore after our titan trip. A suggested stopping in New Jersey to check their “Filipino town” with a number of Filipino groceries and restaurants.

We went to Jollibee oriental food mart first and saw a couple of stuff that we do not have in Baltimore which made the hour drive worth it already!


I got extra excited when I saw the carioca in the glass case and other Filipino meryenda favorites.


A few blocks down is Little Manila.


The steam table of Filipino dishes kind of made me wish that we did not eat a lot for lunch. Everything looked so delish!




What welcomed us in Baltimore — a bowl of soup from one of our favorite Chinese restaurants!



Almost Mrs. S soon 😛


R <3

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