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July 2014: Introduction to Thai

Hello, sweets! Hello, Tuesday. I am sooo excited to share our Bangkok trip and I am happy that I will get to do that this month!!! So I guess this new social media routine worked out pretty well, though I know I still have to work on responding to e-mails quickly. The cold weather is giving me mixed emotions about February, part of me wants it to fly by so we can all enjoy March’s gift — spring. The other half of me is scared because February is the month that I want results, this is the time that I want to do big things and have a clearer vision about the future — it’s about yes or no. 


“Let your faith be bigger than your fear”


Before I move on to our Bangkok trip, let me do an introduction by sharing the time A and I devoted our day off to Thai Cuisine.


Lunch date at a noodle place that was only 15 minutes away from us. We didn’t know this existed!!!

DSC_0970A DSC_0973A

It has been a while since I had Thai Iced Tea so I pretty much finished this big jar in less than 5 minutes!



Homemade Thai Style Dumplings

It’s a shame that we were seated at a table with bad lighting. I could’ve shared more photos but they did not do justice to our delicious lunch so yeaaaap.



We had 3 HUGE bowls of noodles… just because! Well if you have A as a fiance you will know that he takes noodle lunch dates seriously. haha

Duck Noodle Soup, Coconut Noodle Soup (tasted like laksa), Roasted Pork Noodle Soup, Wontons, Chicharon

Everything were delish! All the broths were flavorful and spot on. It was 2 months before our Bangkok trip so the whole time we were there A and I were saying how excited we are to be back in Asia!


A few doors down is maui of course, I got myself a smoothie! noms



First thing that I did when we got back from our lunch date (and shopping trip)






…make myself a big serving of avocado smoothie!!!!

I’ve been using agave as my sweetener for a year now. I use it mostly everything, smoothies – iced tea – oatmeal….


Snack finds of the day


To begin our thai cooking sesh, A decided to use our left over Thai chilies to make red chili sauce.


I strongly suggest that you wear a mask when you make your own chili sauce with vinegar! A and I were coughing for almost an hour because of the strong aroma and hotness form the chilies.




It is probably one of the easiest things that we’ve done


We love adding this whenever we cook Asian dishes. The flavor is not very pungent but it gives us the right amount of spiciness.


I like to cook Asian food for A as my way of saying thank you to him for being an amazing fiance to me every Monday (every day tlga but since we do a lot of awesome thing on Mondays I just thought I’d say Monday haha). A takes me out on dates and goes shopping with me without complaining, the least thing I can do is to cook him dinner.



I’ve decided to make Tom Yum Soup because..



….a: it’s one of my favorite Asian noodle soups, and..





…..b: it’s the first dish that I cooked for him when we became a couple (if my memory serves me right)

DSC_0735A DSC_0736A

I love cooking for A because he has this happy kid smile that he gives me during dinner. I feel like out of everything that I did throughout the day, cooking for him is the most gratifying.



Tom Yum, anyone?



The Thai Iced Tea that I had at Noodle Charm made me crave for more. So thank God that one of the Asian stores that A and I goes to sells this!

It’s not the “instant powder” type so I had to brew the leaves and kind of mess up my white bowl because of the color that the Thai tea gives.



Homemade Thai Iced Tea = success!



For my ootd I decided to wear the skirt my brother Remo gave me


I like to wear the clothes that my family gave me on days that I know are significant to them



Our “Thai Cuisine” day is also a reminder that I will be with my family again..and our trip for Daddy’s birthday! 😉





My faovrite summer wedges goes well with pretty much anything






R <3

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