Of Wine and Friendship

09.04.14: Girl friends are forever

Hello, dolls! Happy #ThrowbackThursday 😉 Whew! I just got home from a challenging shift. One of the things that I truly appreciate about my job is how we can create beautiful things in just 5 minutes…amazing if you make it 10.. and breathtaking if you give us at least an hour. The nature of my job is stressful, we are always under pressure and for the past few years I have managed to not lose my temper (although this year I had a minor hiccup when my sanity gave in to the cliche and yelled at someone —- which made me feel horrible for 3 days!). Tonight I had the opportunity to work alongside my Chef, for a 7 course tasting for 5. It was very last minute! I swear it was a roller coaster ride that I am happy to be part of. If I can have more days like this, wherein I was able to exercise my creativity and be respected for the my craft… I can definitely stay away from the negative thoughts that I’ve been having lately.

So yup..just thought I’d share how my day went.


A few days ago I expressed how I feel about distance interfering with the growth of my relationship with other people.

As disappointing as it can be sometimes, I am grateful that I have these girls beside me.


A trip back home is never complete without seeing my girls. Since I only had 3 weeks in Manila to see friends, I made sure that I’ll put my girls on top of my list.


We decided to do “wine night”…you know, no more sparkling welch grape juice for us… we drink wine now. haha

Our sausage and cheese board


First bottle, a 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon


Cheers to friendship


Second bottle, Moscato.



One of the best girlfriends brought the perfect present for us.


Moet (period)





Couldn’t be any happier to host my friends for wine night! Can’t wait to do it again in less than 2 months 😉



I wasn’t able to take pictures of the 3 dishes that A and I served.

We made tomato basil bruschetta for appetizer (cause I know the girls love it!), mushroom orzo, and chicken piccata. Steady wine night with great company.


Thinking about home and Alyza reminds me of all the times I made sure I’ll have something home baked for her.



Like this gooey dark chocolate cookies with graham crumbs





A trip to Belo to make my face look better. haha


Happy hour with the girl who made me appreciate having cocktails with friends



I miss our weekly dates. #MarchComeSooner


Moving on to my life here, let me start by sharing some of the healthy snacks that I enjoy eating.

Trader Joe’s Rice Drink (YUM!) and petite mangoes from the Asian Market. Philippine mangoes are still the best (period)


I don’t know how I’d be able to survive 2014 without Kae. Having a friend who lives 5 minutes away from me is a blessing!


I couldn’t be any happier that I have someone who I can eat sushi with!!!!! 90% of our dates are devoted to sushi.


Love random work visits from my loves



Cause I can’t believe that they are going home soon!!! #InternLife


Oh, herro.


R <3

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