Valentine’s Date Ideas For Engaged Couples

Hello, sweets! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day <3 What a cold snowy Valentine’s day it is! Whenever people ask me what I am doing for Valentine’s day and I would abruptly say “work” and “I don’t do Valentine’s…it’s a Dad thing for me”. Then I go on and on how my Dad never fails to buy flowers for me, most of the time with balloons, and a cute Valentine’s card. He still does that even when I am far from home. This year, it kind of made me wonder if “Valentine’s is really not my thing”. I mean I have A now….but it feels weird you know? Because I know A and I will be working all day on Valentine’s day for the next (n) years so it never really occurred to me that my Valentine’s Day is going to be extraordinary. If anything, I am just glad that I have someone to come home to and call my Valentine.

A gave Valentine’s a new meaning for me. Although we don’t get to do anything special on the day itself, we see to it that we spend time together before or after the day of hearts to celebrate our love for each other. And let’s face it, it’s also a reason for us to eat out 😉 

So let me share with you some of the 3 things that made me change my mind and think about Valentine’s as a romantic day for lovers.


1. It can be anything

A and I like to give each other presents. We gave each other significant gifts that can remind us of every special occasion from last year. We also have our wedding coming up in less than 3 months. Meaning, more surprises for the two of us. So for Valentine’s this year, I thought….why not keep it simple? We decided on making it fun by doing a theme, and it revolved around a book that we want to give each other (we have a never-ending list of books that we want to get so yeaaap). I find it really amusing to find things that will match the book that I got him. Instead of giving each other one big gift, we received small trinkets.

I am not a big fan of flowers (geeez how many times do I have to say this? lol) so flowers are out of the question. A week ago I already told A not give me balloons because I’ve had enough balloons to make me happy until the end of the year from my 24th birthday and bridal shower. I guess, my point is… can be anything, or it could be nothing cause the best present of all is having someone to spend Valentine’s with.


2. Valentine Date

Let’s face it, one of the joys of having a boyfriend/fiance/husband for Valentine’s day is the fact that I know I won’t be joining the “I am single for Valentine’s slash I wish I have a boyfriend” Facebook status club. I know in the end, whether we give each other presents or not, or if we go out or stay in, I’ll have A.

 A showed me that he is more than just a date. I am not the most romantic showy person ever! Most of the time I feel guilty for not being affectionate. Anyway, A is more than just a date because he does not make me look forward to Valentine’s, he makes me excited about the things that are yet to happen after that. He is the perfect Valentine every day.


3. xoxo

Cause hugs and kisses are better than roses…at least for me. It’s always challenging for A to hide things from me so getting me a present in advance is almost out of the question. The little surprises and big gestures that he does for me just to make me smile are just some of the things that make me feel that Valentine’s is also for A and I…just like everyone else.


What I am wearing: Aidan Mattox ball skirt


A: “What is a $500 skirt doing on the floor with books on it?”



I am going to share our experience during our first tasting with K by Cunanan. As a bride to be, I find it helpful when I read stuff about my supplier.So hope this helps, dear future bride to be! 🙂


February is almost halfway done and I can’t believe that I will be going to be home again soon! It feels like it was only yesterday when A and I did our first food tasting 🙂


We chose K by Cunanan because we like their style. As Chefs, A and I will be very particular about the food. We have a certain concept about the things that we want to see at the wedding. So we chose a caterer that we know can do an amazing job.

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Shots — I really like this! I mean who doesn’t love grilled cheese and tomato soup together?? It’s simply amazing. I am almost convinced that we should add this to our menu haha although I found the grilled cheese to be on the sweet side 


Smoked Salmon, Blini, and Creme Fraiche

Cause what’s a cocktail tasting without this? I am not sure if we will go for this because we also want dishes that are extraordinary.


Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil

Immediately thought of my sister so I knew I had to add this to the menu. This was pretty good!


Insalata Caprese, orange, walnuts, and strawberry vinaigrette

We are getting married in April during the summer in the Philippines so this is going to be a perfect starter! Also, my parents loves candied walnuts and any sweet yeaaap! Perfect 🙂


Grilled Chicken, Tzatziki, Mediterranean Salad

I was pretty excited to try this one because it is Mediterranean inspired. I thought it would be perfect because A’s family is Greek. But the chicken was pretty dry, the tzatziki was nothing like a tzatziki and well…it needed more Mediterranean flavor.



Vongole Pasta 

Pasta was overcooked….really overcooked (no bite at all, mushy feeling na). Flavor was okay, but with all the seafood pasta dishes that A and I cooked, this will not compare. So pass.


Seared Tuna Salpicao, Olives, Baby Potatoes, French beans, Roasted Garlic

This was really good! And I love how it is tuna! A is not familiar with salpicao, but he said he really like it so this is definitely going to our list of maybes 




Broccoli and Cheese

Very good flavor. Worth giving a shot


Slow Cooked Beef in Cranberry Jus, Boursin Potato Puree, Balsamic Onion Confit

I loved this! Although I found it too sweet….I still loved it! I think I am going to make them work out on something that will not make it too sweet 🙂 It must be the boursin (on of my favorite cheeses), or the super tender beef, or the nice touch of balsamic onion confit….mmm yums!


Chocolate Mousse and Lime Curd and Coconut Pie

I am not sure if I am going to have temperature sensitive desserts at the reception. Especially that it is going to be an outdoor reception so yeaaap.



This wa snot part of our menu tasting that day.. but the server wanted us to try their pork crackling wrap with cucumber and hoisin. No one can go wrong with this!


Went to see this girly after our tasting! So happy to see her again. and of course A did not leave without a drink from Karen!

A and I are always happy to see this busy girlyyy


After a little bit of shopping, we had dinner with Daddy and jejekid. We took A to Banana Leaf, one of our favorite restaurants in Powerplant.

Oh how I miss thee!


Oh you know…traffic in Manila will make you take 100 selfies in 10 minutes. haha


Milk tea break. Jejekid said he’ll take a picture of me while waiting for our drinks.



Find a guy who will treat you like a Princess and spoil like a Queen


cause A is aaaahmaaahzing.


…and I am so happy to have my ring this weekend!!!!!!



I love to hold his hand while he is driving as my way of telling him “thank you for letting me see the world today” 


R <3

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