Korean Spa and Everything In Between

Hello, sweets! Whew what a cold snowy week this is! It’s one snow day to another, I guess I will be waking up to the sight of snow on our porch until the end of the week 😐 Uhhh we are just so over with winter…I am seriously counting the days until it’s spring again. This cold weather (and crazy schedule) is making me eat every chocolate that I see, being surrounded with tons of chocolate here at home and at work is not helping my “bride” diet!!! (although let’s face, I have not really payed attention to my diet since December) — I just like to say it para I’ll sound like a legit bride-to-be hahaha


 One of the best things about my relationship with A is our cookbook collection.

We both had a good number of books before we met each other, and our collection started growing in 2012 because we would often give each other books on special occasions. Now that we are engaged, we now call all of our books “ours”, which makes me so happy because it has always been a dream of mine to own all the great cookbooks out there.


An exceptional day is when you cross off 3 books from our wishlist.


…and celebrate with Asian food! 🙂


Yang Chow Fried Rice ingredients

So I wanted to be a good fiancee and cook something delish for A. Since he roasted chicken for our dinner, I decided to make yang chow fried rice.


Chinese Style Roasted Chicken


Influenced by A’s Mom, I now use the right dinnerware for our themed dinners haha 🙂



My yang chow fried rice


A’s perfectly cooked roasted chicken


Cause a Chinese dinner is not complete without veggies (at least for me haha). Mushroom and spinach in oyster sauce.




I do not take a lot of pictures at work. A calls me out for it because he said I do not have enough documentation of the awesome things that I do.

So yeah, this was one of the specials that I created over the summer.

Seared rockfish, grilled baby eggplant, red pepper coulis, and pickled kohlrabi.


I remember coming in at work one Saturday and my Chef came up to me and said “I have a case of baby eggplants,can you do something with them?”

With such short notice (in the Culianry world there is no such thing as short notice lol) I decided to do something close to my heart. I love grilled eggplants so I’ve decided to do that. Normal/regular restuarants here in the US usually fry eggplants if not added to some sauce or made as a dip.  So I thought it would be nice to do something to the eggplants other than a fried appetizer.

I marinated the eggplant to add more flavor to it.



What shucking oysters can do to me


I seriously had a hard time holding or grabbing things for more than a week.


$5 lunch with A. 3 Chinese dishes with a huge serving of fried rice and a drink! Can anything get cheaper than this here in Baltimore? We bet not! haha


A and I are always up for an adventure. We like to try new things together even if we are not sure if we’ll like it or not.

Instead of going to a restaurant for brunch, I asked A if we can go to a Korean spa for a change. Of course he said yes, how can he not? haha


shoe locker. 

It’s nice to feel like a Korean even for just a couple of hours. We had to “deposit” our shoes as soon as we walked in.


Since A and I were hungry,we decided to eat first before our “sauna” session.



noodles noodles noodles.

I got japcahe!!! It’s one of my favorite Asian noodle dishes. I can’t not have it in a Korean restaurant!!! 🙂 And of course bubble tea!



stainless flat chopsticks




Well let’s just say that being in a locker room at a Korean bath house could be…shocking.

If you have ever been to one, you would get me.. If not, well please try to keep it together when you go. Cause you will see things…..


I felt like we were in a school in Korea.

A and I went to the fitness center and found out how much I suck at ping pong haha

….and how much I enjoy defeating A at foosball.  lol


private massage rooms.

A did not really enjoy the hot rooms. It was all new to him.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed it. I wish we could have stayed longer.



We woke up at New Jersey the next day. What a wonderful feeling to be with everyone again!


Pomegranate for breakfast


Asian dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant.


Can you imagine my smile when I saw they have this??? 🙂



oh Monday…come sooner!


R <3


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