It’s a Kate Spade thing

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 It’s the third day of March,how has it been for you so far? For me, I am literally counting the days until winter is over (YESSS!!!) and our trip to Manila! I can’t believe that I can now say “we will be home in 27 days”. I feel like it was only yesterday when we booked our flights..and now I have to worry about packing SOON! Last month, I mentioned that my head’s a riot…well multiply that to 2 this month (and the month just started…yes!) I feel like I am still planning things even in my sleep which is crazy…beautiful. haha. There is no escaping….the wedding shenanigans and stress is crawling up to my sanity slowly.

So tonight I want keep it light…post something simple but worthy. Cause seriously, I feel like I’ve been thinking way toooo much that it’s almost like my head is going to explode any minute.

DSC_0737 (2)A

I am going to start this entry by saying “happy almost 1st birthday, love!”


When I say that A is the perfect man for me, I mean it. I sometimes think that he is a pdychic or something because he has never failed to give me the perfect present. (Or maybe I am just that easy to please….which is actually a fact)


I noticed that every year I have a brand that I go crazy about. Like unconsciously or without even trying so hard, I tend to consider that brand when buying stuff. I am so into it.



Last year, it was all about Kate Spade.

I love Kate Spade because she does not only sell accessories and clothes, she has home stuff too!!

I have a couple of her dinnerware that I can’t wait to post here 🙂


 My fiance is the besssst!!!


Tomorrow I will wake up and say, “26 days to go”. The list of the things that I want to eat and do in the Philippines is growing everyday, and one of the things that I look forward to is to see my girl friends and cook for my family again! 🙂


Coffee Cake

mbly IMG_4663A


The crumbly top that gives the cake this delicious sweet taste and perfect texture that goes well with the soft cake makes me wish that I have this for breakfast tomorrow.



tea and coffee cake? yes please.



aaaaah..that crumb



Banana Muffin


Banana muffin


Cause I like to bake something when I know I am going to see my friends

So I had to do something quick and since we always have bananas at home, I decided to do banana muffins.


Lunch date with these 2 before my flight back to MNL a year ago.



Lunch at Romulo’s with the girls



Who said you can only find long lasting friendships in high school? I am so blessed that I met these girls 3 years ago! <3



Happy hour at Chili’s.




Alyza and I like to give each other sweet treats when we see each other. For our last date, she reminded me how she has grown to know me. Macarons and chocolate dipped meringue kisses? Yes!!!


…and the day after, I had breakfast with one of my longest and truest friend, Ruth <3




I love this skater skirt that my brother gave me so I decided to wear this for my lunch date with friends. I did not want to look teeny boppy or some plain Jane who will just wear this bright skater skirt with a plain white or black top


so I pulled out this printed tube top that I bought from garage,

I am not really the kind of person who goes out showing a lot of skin, so I covered up a little with this lace vest (that I kind of borrowed from my sister’s closet haha)




so I realized that I was kind of going for a mild bohemian vibe. If there’s such a thing

the lace vest…the black printed tube top…kind of getting there, yes?

So to kind of push it a little, I wore my brown booties.



R <3

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