Sunday Brunch: Mimosa and Orangeade Recipe

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 Happy Sunday!!! Aaaah what a great Sunday. So how do I begin about my amazing day? Daylight savings — it means two things for me, first – it won’t be dark at 5PM anymore, second – my parents will not be confused about calculating the time difference anymore. I woke up today feeling like a I ran a marathon for 12 hours yesterday, I was crazy exhausted! Saturdays at work now is the busiest.I got out of bed pretty late, I was exhausted and instead of hating myself for it I talked to my sister, cause who else could make me feel better about feeling a little irresponsible? haha. One of the things that I looked forward to today is my date with Lovely, which was of course, amazing.

** So obviously, I was not able to publish this on Sunday so maybe today we can pretend that it’s still Sunday haha


In the perfect world,my Sundays will be welcomed with a delicious brunch after mass with family. A little quality time with friends in between dinner and having deep conversations with the people I love.

aaah, brunch. I love brunch way too much.


 A and I fell in love with the orange limeade that we had at the Farmer’s Market.

Thanks to my amazing Mom-in-Law, she bought us a citrus juicer so we can make our orange limeade anytime 😉

Read about my first orange limeade experience here


Rianna’s Orangeade Recipe

1 cup freshly squeezed oranges

1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemons

1/3 cup agave (or sugar)

1 cup water

You may adjust the quantity of each ingredient to you liking but I am kind of a purist and prefer this drink with less water. You may also substitite agave for honey or sugar, you might have to add more water if you use sugar though since oranges are already sweet.


Being the self conscious me, we used agave instead of white sugar as our sweetener. DELISH!!!


Brunch date at home with my love

Mushroom omelette with home fries for me, 2 egg breakfast (bacon and home fries for A), blueberries, watermelon, pocket pies, and cookies


yumms thanks A!!!!



I love to eat!!! Staying fit means making smart choices so I like to get healthy snacks that I can munch on




Holiday Brunch with my girls here 🙂



Remember the orangeade recipe I shared above? Mix equal parts of orangeade and champagne and you’ll have the best mimosa! 😉


Took a little break from our #WifeDuties on the first Sunday of the year to have delicious brunch at Cafe Deluxe.



It took us an hour to get to Gaithersburg, so we were all starving when we got there.



Grizelle, who worked there before, suggested that we try one of the crispy thin housemade flatbreads for our appetizer.

apple, brie, melted leeks,and candied walnuts — YUMMS!


I had a hard time in choosing what to get… I was craving for eggs benedict, but the ham and gruyere omelette sounded so good at that time especially because it has been a while since I had an omelette with meat so yeah…I decided to give myself a little treat



I also wanted to get biscuits (cause I am a biscuit freak!). I am so happy that my omelette came with a biscuit!




Frances’ eggs benedict



After our bumptious lunch we exchanged gifts! <3


Can’t wait to see these girls again! 🙂


A few doors down is a cupcake shop… CUPCAKE?!?!? yes please!


It’s so funny how we got the same flavors of cupcakes. Just like our entrees for brunch #GMTA



chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting. mmmm (cause I know this is what A would order and I kind of missed him that day haha)




cause is corn season





cajun crusted seared salmon with warm corn salsa


I love lunch dates at home with A. The short time that we spend in cooking before we go to work definitely contributes to me having a great day.



We like to cook quick meals for lunch to save us time for all the things that we have to accomplish all day.





Perfect summer dish for A and I.

Corn with tomato, parsley,and paprika. mmm

Light, fresh, and healthy. My kind of meal 🙂





Love unplanned dates with this little cutie <3


below are a series of random  breakfast/lunch dates that we’ve had over the summer at home.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Filipino breakfast: Pandesal from our new found Filipino bakery, reno liver spread that I brought back from home, bananas, and french vanilla coffee wile staring at my beautiful bridal shower invitation

obviously this is a throwback haha


couscous, sauteed kale, chicken imperial for lunch


Italian chopped salad



green salad with shallot soy vinaigrette and chicken breast.







to end this post….sushi anyone? haha



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