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09.12.14: Great food makes a trip

Hello,dolls!!! Happy hump day 😉 Aaah I can’t believe we only have less than 3 weeks left until we officially start our wedding journey. 2 Mondays left to accomplish everything that we need to do before our departure…oh the excitement of knowing that I will have a month filled with adventures and LOVE!!! <3

Looking at photos from our trip in Asia 6 months ago pumps me up more. I can’t wait to be with my family again and eat delicious food with A!!! One of our food adventures in Manila last year, and definitely one of my favorites is our trip to Bulacan to finally try my friend Karen’s baby… Sirius Espresso.


I am always happy to see my friends become successful. As soon as I found out that Karen opened a cafe, I wanted to hop on the next flight back home and try all the delicious things that she is whipping up.


I do not mind driving all the way to Bulacan just to try her food! Anyway, Bulacan is not that far from us. It only took us less than minutes to get to her restaurant without traffic…awesome!


We did not anticipate that it will only take us less than 30 minutes to get to Bulacan, so we arrived before the opening time of Sirius Espresso.

So instead of waiting outside the restaurant, I suggested that we try something local.


I sometimes get frustrated because I know I don’t get to explain things to A very well when it comes to the deeper things about the Philippines. I am a city girl (and will always be haha) so I find it a bit challenging to look for quick activities that does not involve shopping or going to the mall.For me, the best way to make A understand what’s outside Manila is through food, and by letting him experience the local culture first hand.



Papaitan is an Ilokano dish from the Philippines.You may feel like Andrew Zimmern after finishing a bowl because it is made of goat internal organs. Although a lot of Filipinos near the metro substitute it with beef internal organs.

Would you believe I love papaitan? It really sounds gross but the balanced flavors of bitter and sour makes it a great soup!


Beef Mami

According to A he could finish 3 bowls of this delicious mami.


 A lot of people would get shocked when I tell them my Dad raised me to not be a picky eater. Growing up he brought me to the best looking restaurants and the are-you-sure-you-want-to-eat-here type of eateries. I don’t complain when going to places like this one when I am with my Dad. And I am glad that we got to introduce A to a different type of dining experience! haha


That day was a perfect example of how I can eat anywhere. After our “side street eatery” adventure, we moved on to our main goal for the day. To dine in Sirius Espresso.


Seeing my phone look at pictures on my phone gave me a flash back when I was a teenager. Although it was my Mom who would check my phone it still reminded me of that time I would make sure I deleted everything before I go to bed lol

Who else here had that problem before?


Sirius Espresso’s Mango Mille Crepe 


OMGGG one of the best crepe cakes I’ve had!! Look at those delicate layers of crepe with mango and cream filling!! I can have this for breakfast everyday!!!!!



Imagine my excitement when KAren sent us a scone! Are you kidding me? Scone for A in Manila??? And an amazing one!


Karen spoiled us that day with amazing food! I had to remind myself that I have my parents and A to share this with. It was soooo good!!!


Salted Chocolate Cake

“Look at that frosting” was the first thing that I said to myself when they served us this perfect chocolate cake. People who are close to me know that I love frosting soooo much!! In fact I try to get the cake with the most frosting when going to a new place haha. This did not fail! the cake was so moist and the flavors were spot on.


Oh hello there, loves!


after 5 minutes


 I love everything about Sirius Espresso…especially the food! (duh!)

My favorite is the long table in the middle of the restaurant. I think the next time we go I would like to sit there with my siblings 🙂


Iced White Tea

A loves iced tea..and he said this was perfect! 🙂


 Two Seasons Smoothie

Loooook at that baaaabe! <3


Daddy ordered this healthy and delicious smoothie with blueberries, strawberry, housemade yogurt and granola…. yummmm!!! my kind of drink <3

Every corner in Sirius Espresso is “Instagram” worthy! <3


A desk specially painted by Karen’s Dad


Club Sandwich


Daddy loved this so much that he had to order another one


This made me realize that we should definitely bring my siblings here because they will love everything just as much as we did


Roasted Tomato and Sardine Pasta

Everyone’s favorite! The prettiest pasta dish I have received. The fried sardine on top of the perfectly cooked pasta puts sardine pasta to another level.


We had to order another one because this was soooo good!

We pretty much ordered 2 of everything because we can’t stop eating! Can you believe we had papaitan and mami before this?


Grilled cheese with tomato and delicious tomato soup

classic pairing that Karen once again, did perfectly!


My summer yogurt bowl

Mango, grape jam, and granola

perfect for someone who missed Philippine mangoes!!! <3


I can’t not order this. Being a yogurt lover, knowing that everything in this bowl is housemade made me so happy!!! and proud of Karen!

Would you believe she makes everything?!?!?! She is Wonder Woman!! I couldn’t be any more proud to have her as a friend 🙂


Mama’s beautifully crafted Mocha

Mama is very particular with her drink and she loved this! How can she not? Karen went to Malaysia to learn more about coffee making.


…and yes! The perfect drink for me. Karen has matcha!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! It’s officially my favorite cafe in the Philippines! <3



When I said every corner in Sirius Espresso is Instagram worthy…I mean it.



I am so proud of you friend Karen!!!! <3 I can’t wait to go back in less than a month and eat my heart out again. I don’t care if I gained 10 pounds after our memorable experience at Sirius Espresso! <3



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