Bangkok Diaries: Wat Pho

09.06.14: วัดโพธิ์

Hello,dolls! 🙂 Happy Sunday…and happy St. Patrick’s weekend! 😉 Aaah, where do I begin? This is probably the most mind-boggling weekend ever. I don’t think I can finish my sentences without sighing multiple times. I am over-beating myself with a big decision I have to make soon. Two great opportunities are in front of me and I can only choose one (WHY!!!!!!). Two great opportunities that makes me want to split myself into two so I can do both. As I said to my post on Facebook, faith can really turn dreams to reality. I know that I am being blessed with this situation because of the I have in Him. I remember praying ever night to be someone…to be at a place where I can be great. I also dreamed of success at a young age, so I prayed for it. All these He made possible. I know that whatever I choose, I will be more than okay. Because I have Him.

Today I want to clear my mind, and it’s badly needed because I just felt like a zombie today. Headache and body pain after my 12 hour shift is not a good weekend mix. First thing on my list today — workout! One of the things that I find effective to de-stress myself is working out, and plus points cause I get to stay fit (and burn all the junk I have eaten for the week). So I went to the gym first thing in the morning, I find it more efficient for me also when I exercise in the morning before I do everything I have to do for the day so I won’t have an excuse later on that I am already beat up or whatnot. Another thing that de-stresses me is packing.I love packing! The thought of going to another place excites me. I have mustered up packing a suitcase in less than an hour,and making sure everything is secured during the travel. After trying to figure out what to eat for “brunch”,which ended up to a cup of tea and a bagel, I moved on to packing for our weekend trip and 1 of the 6 suitcases that we are bringing to the Philippines. Shopping of course tops my list when it comes to de-stressing, so I really can’t wait for tomorrow to come because I know I will be faaar away from Baltimore…even for just a while. Lastly, something very close to my heart — blogging. Sharing my adventures here on my blog definitely keeps me sane. Knowing that I have an outlet for all my thoughts is such a great help for


Only 15 days left until our flight to the Philippines (omg!) and A and I were thinking if we should go somewhere after the wedding. We are postponing our honeymoon until next year (just because we are planning for something amazing and we can’t get more time off from work). So anyway, we like to visit another country when in Asia. We feel like it’s another opportunity for us to get closer. But with all the things that we have to think about before our big day, I am kind of hating the fact that I have not made a step to make it happen…yet.


Let me share with you the second part of our second day in Bangkok.



A Bangkok trip is not complete without seeing the Reclining Buddha. 

Our tour is short but I made sure that this will be part of it.



Wat Pho is a buddhist temple located adjacent to Grand Palace. It is one of the oldest and largest wats in Bangkok.

With over 1,000 Buddha images and of course, the reclining Buddha, Wat Pho is definitely a must visit.




Mama and JejeKid

A LOT of things can really change in 4 years. My first time in Bangkok, they did not have bags to put your shoes in. I am so glad that they did this because I do not want to be worried about my shoes while inside the temple.



The reclining Buddha is 15 meters high and 43 meters long







fatty is my photographer


One of the best spots to get a good shot with the reclining buddha


Looking at the feet kind of scares me



View from the back of the reclining Buddha


108 bronze bowls symbolizing the 108 auspicious laksanas (characteristics) of Buddha


Did this for the second time. And of course I ran out before I got to the end.

20 baht for a bowl of coins to put in each bronze bowl.



Wat Pho was the first public University of Thailand and the birthplace of Thai Massage


Thailand is all about the gorgeous details



A with the Marco Polo statues.

Mr. Bank said A looks like MArco Polo. He probably days that to all Foreign tourists from America and Europe haha


Older Marco Polo statues

Long before money was created, trade of good was used as a form of payment. These statues were too heavy for the ships to bring back to China so the Chinese decided to leave it in Bangkok. Decades and decades after, they are now one of the things that tourists must see.

And this is why I love history. Learning about the special events and meanings of certain things, and appreciating life more and the value of the the things that we do now for the future.




What I am most fascinated about in Wat Pho are the chedis that houses the remains of Buddha, siants, and Buddhist relics




of course before I move on the beautiful chedis, let me strike a pose first… haha and annoy A with all my instructions.


Jejekind finally saw us, and first order of business upon seeing him….take a picture of A and I! It’s not everyday that we get to have a travel buddy who would take 1 million pictures of us during the trip!


Thailand is a very colorful country. There is no boring scenery there, everything is so bright and beautiful! From the food, clothes, buildings, and historical monuments.



There are 71 small chedis that contain the ashes of the royal family.

It kind of gave me goosebumps knowing that there are ashes inside the chedis — ashes of important people in Bangkok that contributed to their history and culture.




sibs <3



Wat Pho’s grounds is very big. It’s unfortunate that we were not able to see everything!



small chedis behind us


chedis of the concubines of the King


There are 4 large chedis that contain the ashes of the 4 Kings.


One of the large chedis is at the far back so I was only able to include the 3 chedis in my photos.


Each chedi is color coded according to the day of the birth of the kind.

In Thailand, each day has a corresponding color.



I wish I can show you how beautiful each tile is. But honestly, no picture can exhibit how gorgeous the chedis are! You have to see it yourself.





Each chedi is 42 meters high





sissy <3







they are best friends….but none of them wants to say it so I am claiming it hahaha




life changing cart of freshly squeeze pomegranate juice

life changing…YES!!! Because I am still dreaming about this..and I swear all of us loved this!!! aaaah take me to Bangkok!!!!




Pomegranate love



let me end this post by saying…when in Bangkok, DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT TRYING THIS!



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