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08.24-25.14: Of weekend getaways

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Happy hump day! Aaaah what a beautiful “weekend” it has been. Usually, I would be bummed that our almost 3 day weekend is now over. But since I know that we only have 9 days left until we begin our journey to forever, I don’t think there is room for me to complain. We are getting close!!! We will be home in less than 2 weeks! Which reminds me of the time I went home for my Dad’s 50th birthday, back when it would take me more than a day to travel to the Philippines. The flight alone is already exhausting, the layover and waiting makes it even more draining so I like to have at least a whole day where in I do not have to worry about anything including packing before my loooong flight — that’s why A and I likes to schedule our trips from Baltimore after on or after Monday.


A and I 12 hours before my flight to Manila last year..brought back a lot of memories when I left Baltimore 2 years ago to go home.


Love waking up to this!!!


One of the things that I love about going on trips is breakfast…and the joy of waking up to a  different view.


I love Sundays wherein I can go to church, much more when with family. I am so happy that I got to do that a few days before my departure. After hearing mass with my in laws, we went to Four Seasons diner.


After our filling brunch we went shopping…cause what else do expect us to do when in Jersey aside from relax? #TaxFree




Cause summertime is best for grilling

Grilled hotdogs for our afternoon meal

And what do you when at the Jersey Shore? Seafood!



Grilled lobsters, shrimp, clams and oysters!!! AAAH <3


Grilled tomatoes, probably one of the simplest and best ways to enjoy tomato.


….and grilled zucchini!!!

Gotta have my veggies 😉


Delish arugula salad with pine nuts


it’s a seafood feast

The day after, we went to this lovely waterfront breakfast ad lunch spot.

I like how the restaurants says “come by land or by water”, cause you can literally take your boat there and dock it on their property.


It’s a bautiful morning for an omelette and bowl of fresh fruits


A’s creamed chipped beef with eggs



love going to beautiful places like this




boats at dock

went on a little side trip in the area and moved on to our second agenda for the day.


Some tax free shopping and a visit at our favorite sandwich place


best Italian cold sandwich ever!!!!!! <3


Thank you, New Jersey!!! 😉


Back in Baltimore

A knows just exactly what I need before my trip, a nice dinner date with him! After our 2 hour drive, he took me to my favorite gelato place… pitango <3 #ForeverLove


I was feeling anxious about traveling alone again, and being away from A for a couple of days so I did not have the appetite to eat.

I’ve always wondered how the food in Manchurian Rice Co is, so we finally gave it a try. They serve fresh to order food in a fast casual setting..perfect because after a long drive from New Jersey, and an upcoming long trip to Manila, the last thing I wanted was to wait.


My shaolin vegetarian

cause vegetarian dishes make me happy! (and I am not even vegetarian haha). This was really delish! I love that this has tofu



They had dan dan noodles as a special! One of A’s favorites


and an order of seaweed salad for me to make the night even better


Probably one of our best dates to date. Nothing else…but us.



R <3

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