Wedding Diaries: Bridal Registry I

10.2014: beep-beep-beep-bop…scanned!

Hello, dolls!!! 🙂 Happy Saturday!!! We just welcomed spring yesterday and aaah I am so happy.It was a snowy first day of spring but whatevs, I know my beloved warmer days are here. Only a month left until I say I do and gahd I don’t think I can hide my excitement anymore!!! Today is the last Satruday that I will be stressing about working a double (not that I am complaining). I am looking forward to my weekend with A next week! It’s been almost 8 months since we had a full weekend together with nothing to worry about. For all the important things that we have to deal with for our careers, needless to say 2 weeks before our flight to Manila, I think we really deserve a weekend with just the two of us.


Only one week left…and I can embrace freedooooom!

 The past 2 weeks has been really challenging for A and I. I think I am now at the point where in I feel like I have exceeded my limit when it comes to decision making…like I do not know if I have something hiding inside my head that can help alleviate the situation. Aaaaah… grown up problems are hard! haha DSC_0318A

So now, let me share with you something that made me love being a bride-to-be more — the wedding registry!

But of course, before I move on to one of the best shopping trips (ever). Let me share with you our sumptuous lunch


A had this craving for Pho after a week of being back in Baltimore. We just welcomed fall, the beginning of the cold season so Pho was perfect for that day.

And besides, as much as I hate to admit it to A, Asian cuisine is my comfort food! haha


I can’t not go to a Vietnamese restaurant and not order my summer rolls!! 


My Pho Tom



Delicious shrimp with rice noodle soup

I love everything about this dish! The smokey flavor of the shrimp with crushed peanuts on top. Aaah this is definitely one of the best noodle dishes that I’ve had.



A’s Pho Tai, Nam, and Gan

Rare steak, well done flank, tendon




cause no one can go wrong with pho noodle soup with beef


Definitely the best Pho bar we’ve been to! 🙂



 a glimpse of how our life together will look like a month from now…#crazies haha


Bridal registry is a very big thing here in the US. I see it as one of the perks that engaged couples get before their wedding.

I remember having a conversation with my girls about wedding presents in the Philippines. When we were younger, we remember hearing stories like “we got 3 toasters on our wedding day” or “we have 5 sets of dinnerware now”. So imagine how convenient it is for shoppers here in the US to just go to the couple’s registry and see what they want? It is very efficient because everyone can track online and in-store which items are already purchased.

Since this is really not a common thing in the Philippines, I remember holding back a little on the items that I scanned — I did not want our guests to spend sooo much! 



A lot of couples do their registry as early as 12 months before their wedding. A and I did it 6 months before, and the main reason why we did a registry here in the US is because of our bridal shower, which happened 2 months after the day we signed up 🙂

We chose to register at Macy’s because they have amazing stuff!!! They have everything that we will need throughout our marriage.



Some of the items that we scanned are stuff that we know the ladies who will attend our shower will find fitting for the shower.

Us women like to keep up with the theme 😉


Can’t not have Kate Spade in our registry 😉



…and Royal Albert of course!





2 Chefs getting married? Ha! Our registry has a lot of kitchen “toys”! haha

It was very exciting experience. It’s also a great way for the bride and groom to spend time together. I remember A and I discussing the things that we could do with every item that we scanned, and look forward to our life together.




experimenting with knee high socks..

but since it was colder than I thought, I had to switch back to my leggings. haha




I am not going to lie, the decisions that we made last night is giving me anxiety. I feel like I sabotaged one of my biggest goals this year — and that is to have more Sundays together. I hate that I am questioning myself about it.





Moments like this…with this man.



My first outfit for fall


Fall is all about earthy colors. It’s so funny how I got rid of most of my brown clothes 8 years ago cause I thought it’s not that flattering for teenagers, especially in the Philippines. I regretted that during fall last year because I felt like I had nothing to wear.

Thanks to my sister who sent me this top, perfect for my first fall outfit of the year! 🙂


There are days when just want to dress “pretty” — skirts and dresses are definitely my top choices when I want to be girly
(basics at its finest!).



I can definitely say that this white skirt from Forever21 is one of my favorites! I can wear it with anything 🙂



To give that strong fall vibe, I decided to wear these brown Jeffrey Campbell inspired heels.Owned by my sister but she decided to give it away so I brought it here cause I knew it would be perfect for something at some point…and voila! that is fall haha







A took a lot of great pictures. It’s hard not to post them haha




So excited to marry this man in a month!!! <3






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