Happy 27th, A!

10.07.14: Happy Birthday, Love! 

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Happy #ThrowbackThursday. One shift left and we will be on vacation mode…or should I say wedding mode! haha. It’s funny how I find it a bit sad that we are going to be away from Baltimore for more than a month, I mean isn’t that weird? I’ve always loved the thought that I get to be home every year. Being here for 3 years, I still managed to never miss a year in the Philippines, for some reason I get blessed with opportunities to come home. For 3 years, I have learned to love this place and call it my home. So I guess #SepAnx is slowly kicking in..

So before we leave for the Philippines,and start get extremely busy for the wedding, let me share with you how we celebrated A’s birthday last year.


A’s birthday fell on a beautiful Sunday. Unfortunately, he had to work all day, but was able to convince him to let him come in at noon so we can have brunch together.


Surprising each other is challenging for A and I. How do you surprise someone that you are with everyday?


So I had a plan, work 13 hours on Saturday. Come home and start baking. Tell him I am hanging out with Kae the next day so I am going to bake brownies.

He bought it! I had the kitchen all to myself because he was busy playing his game while I was baking… for Kae lol

He believed me easily because he knows I like to give little treats to my friends whenever I hangout with them


First birthday cake that I made. I am really happy about how it turned out! #ThankYouMBros for the delicious recipe!!!


German Chocolate Cake


This recipe has a different take on German chocolate cake.

The coconut flakes is mixed in the frosting. So you get that “is it a Devil’s Food Cake or a Classic Chocolate Cake?” at first glance.


With more practice, I know I can whip up a perfectly round and nicely frosted cake.


Since A only had 2 hours for brunch. We had to look for a restaurant that serves brunch early. Maria suggested Kooper’s North which was perfect for a quick brunch.


A’s birthday (breakfast) burrito 

Perfect for the hungry birthday boy







Maria’s Kooper’s Chicken and Waffles



house fried chicken, belgian waffle, and honey rum butter



My huevos rancheros

eggs over easy, crispy fried tortilla, homemade salsa, lettuce, beans, avocado and cheese,

one of my favorite things to get for brunch. #delish

A little inspiration for all the ladies out there who are probably struggling in finding the perfect for their man.

Here are my presents for A 




I love giving A handwritten letters. Last year’s theme was Ninja Turtles 🙂



Only the best for one of the most hardworking people that I know


and a bottle of his favorite scotch.

perfect for the times that I am extra naughty or maarte hahaha





One of our favorite things to do, play board games! So happy we got to do this on the eve of his birthday.


Hi, I know I am not perfect, but I sure do taste good 🙂



 Happy Birthday, my love!:)




Up next: A’s birthday celebration in New York <3



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