Manila Diaries: XLB and Noodles

September 2014: Hello again, Manila!

Hello dolls!!! 🙂 Aaaah, Manila! It’s almost a week since we’ve been home and about 2 weeks left until our big day! If there’s a chance for me to stop or slow down time, now would be the perfect time to do so. A and I have been taking afternoon naps because of jet lag, not that it is important, but it’s something that we have not done before! RELAX and not worry about work the next day. Although I must admit, my decision is kind of making me nervous about the first 3 months of my return to Baltimore. Ugggh. Why do I have to overthink everything?

Manila means food tripping everyday for A and I. Whether it be home or somewhere A would get stared at haha. I am only have a few posts left from our trip here in Manila last year, and I hope I could finish all of it before I say I do.


Before A and I would go on a trip, we would make a list of ALL the things/places that we want to do/go to.

Being a person who makes lists on almost everything, this has been really effective for us. The deal is to go out for lunch and check one thing off our list, then come home for dinner with family. Easy.


One of the places that A wanted to go to last year was Lugang Cafe.

It’s a restaurant by Bellagio Group based out of Shanghai and Beijing. Lugang Cafe specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine. 


Jejekid’s Watermelon with Coconut Milk and Sago

We started off with drinks…specialty drinks that made us with they offer bottomless of each kind because we could definitely go for seconds!


A’s Cantonese Iced Lemon Tea

Reminded us of all the iced teas we’ve had in Hong Kong! So glad to know that there is a place that could remind us of our trip


My buko lychee shake

2 of my favorite flavors!! I had to tell myself to slow down cause I could honestly finish this in 1 gulp. haha


lunch dates with my 2 fatties


Hanging roasted meat. Lugang Cafe is definitely A’s kind of place.


Pig’s Trotter Terrine


Perfect dish for A. He was raving about this even after we came back to Baltimore.


Steamed Pork Xiao Long Bao


The main reason why we went to Lugang Cafe. A has always wanted to try XLB, and I am so happy that I got to take him to a place that serves delicious XLB.

Plus points for the wife-to-be because I got to show him how to eat XLB haha

IMG_9466AAs expected, Lugang’s Xiao Long Bao is everything that we hoped it would be…even more!


Vegetarian Dumplings with Truffle Oil


Cause I gotta have my greens! 🙂


Pork Wontons in Spicy Chili Sauce

A killier dish that made our afternoon meal in Lugang Cafe one of the bests that we’ve had last year



I love how I can take A everywhere. He does not complain and most of the time he is excited especially when he knows food is involved.

So I took him to one of my favorite restaurants growing up… Pares!


 …and made him try red horse. haha



Another afternoon noodle trip at one of the best places to go to here in Manila.

If it weren’t of my friend Marvic, who introduced me to La Mien when we were in high school, I wouldn’t be able to make A so happy last year during our trip.



chili game on


hand pulled noodles!!



Pork with hand pulled noodles and broth


This, to A is what perfect looks like…or at least in that moment haha



He was giving me the satisfactory look in every bite. He loved it so much!


Chicken with hand pulled noodles and broth



Yesssss to cilantro!


What I come for…steamed kuchay dumplings!!!


This is heaven.


cause Daddy likes it fried. just thought I’d share haha



It has been almost a week since I last posted something and I kind of feel weird about it. I did great for the past 5 months blogging 3 times a week. I guess this is what it feels like to be a full time bride. All my thoughts lead to the planning of my wedding. I can’t believe that we will say I do in 2 weeks!!! Aaah <3

So for now…let me share with you an official photo from our engagement shoot. Thought this one is perfect because it is related to what I have just talked about haha 🙂



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