Almost..I do.

Hello, dolls!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Aaaah finally!!! I am sorry for being MIA for a week. Being in Manila means dealing with poor service. For the past 2 weeks A and I have had our fair share of annoying stories about being taken advantage of government officials/ traffic enforcers and having no internet for a week (just because PLDT decided to do maintenance i the area FOR A WEEK!). So it has been a busy 2 weeks, I’ve always dreamed of being a hands on bride, but gaaah I never thought it would be this challenging (not that I am complaining). I am kind of getting frustrated about not documenting most of the things that has been happening since I’ve been home. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the fact that I have been so worried about being so bloated/swollen because of the sudden change of weather (from 18 degrees to 97!). My ring finger is having an allergic reaction to the hot weather that I am so afraid my rings won’t fit next week! #StoryOfMyLife. Nonetheless, I feel like we are pretty much ready to say I do…suppliers are picked out and all I need is for my guests to RSVP! Haha So as I mentioned above, I failed to document everything, so let me share some throwbacks for you that shows how my life has been like for the past 2 weeks. DSC_0898A

Greek Easter:ย Greek Easter was this past Sunday. We missed it this year and aaah I was dreaming about Greek food all day!

Thinking about Greek Easter reminded me of the Greek Festival last year.


it was a Friday and luckily both A and I got the night off. So we invited this little egg tart to join us



Fried dough coated in honey




Walnut cookie with syrup



custard in fillo pastry

My kind of dessert! although baklava is still my favorite! ๐Ÿ™‚


Greek Beer

ย  DSC_0853A


Greek Lasagna

I had to remind myself to save room for gyro and baklava… I could eat this everyday!



Grape leaves stuffed with rice and ground beef

This may not be for everyone but I really loved it!


3 Gyros <3

Thanks to the Father-In-Law (who was in charge of the outside food under the tent) because we got to try everything!!! <3

ย  DSC_0862A

….aaaaah YESSS <3

ย  DSC_0863A DSC_0872A



Excuse my face…it was so chilly that nightttt! But whatevs, after that night we concluded that it will be annual thing for us. We have to go to Greek Festival every year!! ๐Ÿ™‚




I know a lot of brides go on a major diet before their wedding…but ughhh I have been pretty bad.

Dinners at home is the best!


A has been eating a lot of things that he doesn’t get in the US.

Think of hearts, intestine,kidney..or whatsoever.


ย …and pig’s tail.

And though I hate the fact that I am bloated/swollen,A looks pretty good now because he gained weight!!!


As soon as we got here in Manila, I can’t help but think of how Lolo is not here anymore. It feels different not having him around. It’s funny because when he was still alive,we would always have fruits at home..and now..yeah… I have to remind my parents that I need at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies everyday. ugh


My last memory with Lolo was his birthday. It was 3 days before we left for Baltimore. I remember him asking me what A likes,and I told him that A loves Chinese food so much, simpler the better. So he took the family to one of his favorite Chinese restaurants and ordered a massive amount of food that made A think about Chinese food on a new level.

Frog’s legsย for appetizer. A’s first time and he loved it!

ย  DSC_1118A

Crab and Corn Soup

a must for us!


Yang Chow Fried Rice


Coral Chicken

Whole chicken with their “finger licking sauce” (as what the menu says haha). A was amazed on how they served it with the neck! haha


Asparagus and Shrimp in Garlic Sauce



Fried spareribs

A must have when we are at a Chinese restaurant


Stir Fried Spinach


Seafood Pan Fried Noodle

I love how they serve the sauce in the side! ๐Ÿ™‚


Pata Tim

need I say more?


Bihon Guisado

For Lolo’s birthday ๐Ÿ™‚


some delicious noodle dish that I loved!


and almond jelly with lychee!! aaaah <3 what a feast!



coming home also means bringing home goodies for my pigs.

DSC_1152A DSC_1153A




ย  DSC_1158A

We tried marang for the first time. We were hesitant at first because the smell was horrible (let’s be honest!) but marang is really goooood!!!


Date with one of our Ninangs


our weekday late night spot

ย  IMG_9723A

my girls

ย  IMG_9133A

day trips with my pigs



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