Ever After: Angelfield’s

0916.2014: Hello, beautiful!

Hello,dolls! 🙂 Happy throwback Thursday!! Today marks the first month of our marriage. I can’t believe that it has been a month already!!! A lot of people would often ask me how married life has been and I think so far I have only come up with 2 solid answers. First, before we left Manila I would say “oh you know, I like looking at his ring (haha) or the classic “we are very happy”— which is true, we really are very happy to be married now. Second, after arriving here in Baltimore whenever I would get asked how married life is, I would often laugh and say “what married life?cause honestly we both feel like people should ask us how career life is”.

 We were both blessed with great opportunities before we arrived in Baltimore. It’s amazing how God worked in our lives in the past year. I remember talking to A about our jobs and how we dreamed of advancing our careers. How we would it make it happen,the things that we could possibly do so we can cook the food that we both want to do. We never thought that we would be blessed with such amazing opportunities before we said I do. If there’s anything that I could say about our married life, that would be “amazing, because God is the center of our love, passion, and faith”.

So obviously I was not able to finish my entry last night. haha


Since it’s our wedding “month-sary” I would like to share a big piece from our wedding.

But of course, before I do so let me talk about food first lol


So one of the things on our list when we came home last year was to visit the venue of our wedding ceremony and reception. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I felt like we should have a wedding outside Manila.

I am a city girl and everything that I love and know coincide with the city. Everyone asked me before if I would like an out of town wedding and I would reply with a no because I feel like I am not an outdoors kind of girl.

Everything changed when I realized that A deserves more,especially his family who is going to travel from the US. It changed when I realized how much I love doing things differently and how I embrace trying new things. It changed when I saw myself with A in a big white tent that I have always dreamed about. Continue reading “Ever After: Angelfield’s”


Bangkok Diaries: Chatuchak

09.07.14: จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร

Hello,dolls!Aaaah what a week it has been! I can’t believe that we’ve been back for a week now, it honestly feels longer than that. So 2 hours after we arrived in Baltimore, I got a cold. A was already sick when we left Manila so the flight was already hard for him. Coming back and knowing that we to deal with jet lag and cold was torture! We spent the only rest day that we have for the week trying to feel better.

We were both blessed with amazing opportunities after the wedding. Advancement of our careers has been on our list for a year now,and with God’s grace, we were able to accomplish that before the wedding. 2015 is really off to a great start for the both of us. So yeah, we spent the past week working. For some reason,even though we spent longer hours at work, I felt like we had more time for each other.

The past week felt like a whole month (not that I am complaining). I just pray that I can get through this busy month without losing my sanity. So yeah, for now, let me share with you a page from my Bangkok diary.


I was not able to go to Chatuchak during my first visit to Thailand. I had 2 objectives for that Sunday in Bangkok — family time and chatuchak.

We are very fortunate that our hotel is very close to the train station because it only took us a train ride (less than 30 minutes) to get to Chatuchak.

Chatuchak is a weekend market. It has more than 8,000 stalls (which drove us all CRAZY). We knew that chatuchak is the biggest market in Thailand, BUT goodness, nobody told us how wild it is there every weekend ha ha.


Look what welcomed us! Mango sticky rice…aaaah THE BEST! And it’s only 20baht!! In the arport they sell it for about 120baht…crazy. Continue reading “Bangkok Diaries: Chatuchak”

New York Diaries: Paris Baguette and The Girl

10.07.2014: Parisian feels

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Aaah I can’t believe it has been a month already…our Manila trip is now another chapter to look back to. This is the 4th time that I left for the US in the past 3 years and I don’t I can ever get used to it. Leaving home is never easy, uncertainty is a killer. This time, I only have my plans and aspirations to hold on to (and if ever none of it happens–which I doubt, I push through with plan B!). So anyway, I do not want to think about the sadness anymore, I have great memories with me that I can think about until I get to be a full time sister here in the US.

Yesterday was the easiest trip to the US for A and I. No exhausting connecting flights and we did not spend 24 hours in the air, it felt like we just drove to Ilocos or something. So JFK will be our official airport when travelling to Asia, which to me is exciting because NYC is close to my heart in so many ways.


Today, let me share with you the continuation of A’s birthday celebration in New York

They had a mock set up of the cafe that was presented on the Friends TV show.


We like to pay a visit to A’s Nounas and Nounos whenever we can. They live in Bay Side which is about an hour away from Manhattan. I asked A if we could stop at this Korean bakery that we saw along the way. Continue reading “New York Diaries: Paris Baguette and The Girl”