New York Diaries: Paris Baguette and The Girl

10.07.2014: Parisian feels

Hello, dolls!! 🙂 Aaah I can’t believe it has been a month already…our Manila trip is now another chapter to look back to. This is the 4th time that I left for the US in the past 3 years and I don’t I can ever get used to it. Leaving home is never easy, uncertainty is a killer. This time, I only have my plans and aspirations to hold on to (and if ever none of it happens–which I doubt, I push through with plan B!). So anyway, I do not want to think about the sadness anymore, I have great memories with me that I can think about until I get to be a full time sister here in the US.

Yesterday was the easiest trip to the US for A and I. No exhausting connecting flights and we did not spend 24 hours in the air, it felt like we just drove to Ilocos or something. So JFK will be our official airport when travelling to Asia, which to me is exciting because NYC is close to my heart in so many ways.


Today, let me share with you the continuation of A’s birthday celebration in New York

They had a mock set up of the cafe that was presented on the Friends TV show.


We like to pay a visit to A’s Nounas and Nounos whenever we can. They live in Bay Side which is about an hour away from Manhattan. I asked A if we could stop at this Korean bakery that we saw along the way.


Paris Baguette reminded me of Bread Talk and Tous Le Jours in Manila.


My kind of bread


Guess what I found inside the glass case 😉



Blueberry Cronut


…and three cheese edamame bread for the road


What I found inside the glass case


Macarons!!! <3

DSC_0274A DSC_0275A DSC_0276A

delicious and perfect!


Can’t leave without my taro bubble tea



Hi, New York!




I decided to be extra girly for A’s birthday. Although it was fall, I picked out pastel colors that reminded me of spring — my favorite season.


I met A during spring, the most beautiful time of the year. When the weather is just perfect and the flowers are blooming.


My closet was really happy after our trip to Thailand. Meaning, I had a lot of great options for my OOTD.


I worked around this pretty skirt that I got for 200 baht, who would have thought? I love it!!



I paired my pink skirt with this lovely off shoulder.

DSC_0159A DSC_0161A


Bag: Aldo

Shoes: Just Fab


It is definitely one of my favorite outfits to date. Aaah, can I just dress up like this everyday?

DSC_0171A DSC_0173A

DSC_0174A DSC_0175A DSC_0176A



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