Bangkok Diaries: Chatuchak

09.07.14: จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร

Hello,dolls!Aaaah what a week it has been! I can’t believe that we’ve been back for a week now, it honestly feels longer than that. So 2 hours after we arrived in Baltimore, I got a cold. A was already sick when we left Manila so the flight was already hard for him. Coming back and knowing that we to deal with jet lag and cold was torture! We spent the only rest day that we have for the week trying to feel better.

We were both blessed with amazing opportunities after the wedding. Advancement of our careers has been on our list for a year now,and with God’s grace, we were able to accomplish that before the wedding. 2015 is really off to a great start for the both of us. So yeah, we spent the past week working. For some reason,even though we spent longer hours at work, I felt like we had more time for each other.

The past week felt like a whole month (not that I am complaining). I just pray that I can get through this busy month without losing my sanity. So yeah, for now, let me share with you a page from my Bangkok diary.


I was not able to go to Chatuchak during my first visit to Thailand. I had 2 objectives for that Sunday in Bangkok — family time and chatuchak.

We are very fortunate that our hotel is very close to the train station because it only took us a train ride (less than 30 minutes) to get to Chatuchak.

Chatuchak is a weekend market. It has more than 8,000 stalls (which drove us all CRAZY). We knew that chatuchak is the biggest market in Thailand, BUT goodness, nobody told us how wild it is there every weekend ha ha.


Look what welcomed us! Mango sticky rice…aaaah THE BEST! And it’s only 20baht!! In the arport they sell it for about 120baht…crazy.

DSC_0217 - CopyDSC_0218A

Mangoes in Asia…truly the best!


Oh yes….come to mama


We had to split into 3 groups so we can save time. Waiting for my sister from time to time could excruciating so I took jejekid with A and I. Best idea! Because A could have a guy’s opinion, he would have someone to go with him when he wants to check something while I shop, AND I can stop jejekid from buying something stupid.


This, for A, is HEAVEN!




It rained early in the morning so the roads were wet. I had this long maxi dress planned for that morning but I did not want to ruin it so I put the back on a knot.


A likes to match with my outfit…… hahaha


A and I started a tradition a couple of years ago. We get something for our kitchen or dining room whenever we travel to another country/city.


We now have something from Bangkok in our kitchen!!! 🙂

DSC_0236A DSC_0238A DSC_0253A

We were so excited for lunch! We knew it would be amazing.

..and it was!

There was a number of food stalls right by the entrance of chatuchak, Daddy suggested that we eat there. Cause when in Thailand, you go hard on street food!


This fried chicken rice with cucumber salad was the bomb!


Gotta have my coconut juice! 😉


PAD THAI…a must!


I could eat this everyday for lunch


A’s Pork Curry

Spiciest curry he had so far


Look at all the chili there haha.His mouth was burning after but he said it was worth it!


Tom Yum

Everyone’s new favorite!


I am so happy my siblings loved this! It means I can cook this for them someday 🙂


DSC_0270A DSC_0271A

they had vegetables on the table like bean sprouts to add to your meal


Mama and Daddy discovered this stall that sells DELICIOUS roasted chicken


I gotta hand it to Thailand, I never had chicken that disappointed me.


Can I have this now?


Daddy did not forget to order me a vegetable dish 🙂 <3


So after lunch my sister decided to come with A, jejekid, and I. As expected, we got lost…. hahaha! We did so well during the first half of our shopping spree. I guess my sister brings bad luck with her everywhere.

We found this ice cream stall that got us hooked on coconut ice cream!


It’s the perfect coconut ice cream



oh yessss


our phones were not working and we pretty much walked for 30 minutes trying to find everyone, the coconut ice cream and free coconut juice definitely gave us the strength to walk for another 20 minutes.

Obviously,we found them! A very helpful tip, always go back to your starting point when lost.

DSC_0221 - Copy

Missing this fatty!



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