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0916.2014: Hello, beautiful!

Hello,dolls! 🙂 Happy throwback Thursday!! Today marks the first month of our marriage. I can’t believe that it has been a month already!!! A lot of people would often ask me how married life has been and I think so far I have only come up with 2 solid answers. First, before we left Manila I would say “oh you know, I like looking at his ring (haha) or the classic “we are very happy”— which is true, we really are very happy to be married now. Second, after arriving here in Baltimore whenever I would get asked how married life is, I would often laugh and say “what married life?cause honestly we both feel like people should ask us how career life is”.

 We were both blessed with great opportunities before we arrived in Baltimore. It’s amazing how God worked in our lives in the past year. I remember talking to A about our jobs and how we dreamed of advancing our careers. How we would it make it happen,the things that we could possibly do so we can cook the food that we both want to do. We never thought that we would be blessed with such amazing opportunities before we said I do. If there’s anything that I could say about our married life, that would be “amazing, because God is the center of our love, passion, and faith”.

So obviously I was not able to finish my entry last night. haha


Since it’s our wedding “month-sary” I would like to share a big piece from our wedding.

But of course, before I do so let me talk about food first lol


So one of the things on our list when we came home last year was to visit the venue of our wedding ceremony and reception. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I felt like we should have a wedding outside Manila.

I am a city girl and everything that I love and know coincide with the city. Everyone asked me before if I would like an out of town wedding and I would reply with a no because I feel like I am not an outdoors kind of girl.

Everything changed when I realized that A deserves more,especially his family who is going to travel from the US. It changed when I realized how much I love doing things differently and how I embrace trying new things. It changed when I saw myself with A in a big white tent that I have always dreamed about.


So we woke up early that morning to head to Tagaytay. I was pretty bummed because my Dad wouldn’t listen to me when it comes to feeding A with a bucket of Jollibee chicken. My parents love the fact that A is crazy about Jollibee that whenever they can, they would get him a bucket and expect him to finish it! haha. So I was kind of irritated on our way (h the horror for everyone!) But maybe I was just being anxious because I feel like it’s the only thing that I could do for the wedding before we leave for the US again.

We stopped at Nuvali for lunch and decided to go to Recipes. I am not a picky person and I would try anything.Growing up my Dad fed me everything so yeah. For appetizer we had chicharon bulaklak (deep fried ruffled fat). Oh how I missed this!


Lengua (beef tongue)

Daddy’s favorite…and mine too! 🙂


Crispy Tofu in General Tso’s Sauce

This made me laugh. General Tso is an Americanized Chinese dish here in the US. Seeing this on the menu in the Philippines is pretty hysterical. Considering that we serve amazing Chinese food! haha


My fresh lumpia

gotta have my greens! 😉


Sauteed Kang Kong in Garlic

…and more greens!

So lunch was great and Daddy was happy that I ate (not that I do not!). I was chubby growing up (okay I am being modest, I was fat!) so he is used to that. He thinks that I am too skinny (which I am not) and I do not eat….crazy.haha


Next stop: Ceremony Venue

A was really excited to see the inside of the church. He said it was beautiful! Which made me happy because I was pretty nervous about that.

I was getting frustrated because we reserved the date and time a year before our wedding. I called them a few months after we reserved the church to ask about the requirements and they told me that they made a mistake and gave our time to another couple. The bridezilla in me wanted to get mad at them. But being the daughter that Mr. Roland Galvez raised, we just tried to get our time back and hoped for the best. Unfortunately we did not, even after my Dad calling the other couple and telling them about what happened. I was upset for a long time about that but then God showed us that it was a blessing in disguise. It rained really hard after our ceremony (during the reception). By 2pm, it was horrible.That was definitely God’s way of telling us to always trust Him. Even with the smallest things in life.


I was really excited to see the venue for the reception. Angelfield’s is pretty new…virgin as they say — which I love.

This is the reception area.As soon as I saw this I just knew what I wanted to happen for our wedding.

DSC_1198A DSC_1203A

St. John Pavilion

The first floor of the pavilion is a restaurant. We had to move here in the middle of the reception due to the heavy rain. Even the tent couldn’t handle it!!! I was upset at first (of course!). It was my dream to have a big white tent on my wedding day and I got it…it was short lived by a rain that everyone said was a blessing.


The extension of the reception area is this small garden that served as our cocktail reception. I loved the wooden chairs and tables and the big tree! 😉

Moving on, what really got me are the casitas. They are amazing! I love traveling. So the idea of staying somewhere for the weekend and being in a different place gives me so much excitement.

We rented all of the casitas for 2 nights. There were 20 of us plus helpers so it was perfect.


Casita #1 Master’Bedroom

Living room of the first casita. This is my 2nd favorite room. It has its own living room, kitchen, and bedroom. It’s like a studio unit!


We decided to give it to A’s best man Peter and his girlfriend Ali because it is spacious and they deserve it! 🙂


casita #1 Master bedroom


casita #1 Master BR kitchen


Casita #1 is the biggest. It has 2 more single bedrooms and a pantry kitchen.

I had to do the sleeping arrangement a month before the wedding. Whew! Thank God it worked out perfectly.

Since A and I can’t see each other before the wedding. I decided to put him in one of the single bedrooms haha. He gave me this look at first,but he knew that it was the perfect setup lol


Uncle Joe slept in the second single bedroom.


Casita # 1’s pantry kitchen

I call this “Ate Ann’s turf”. Our cook had to feed almost 60 people in 2 days. Our family, Angelfield’s staff,and all the suppliers’ crew. This kitchen is actually pretty spacious.


Casita # 2

Walk up the small hill from casita #1 are 2 more casitas. I like this casita because it can sleep 3 people. So I gave this to my in laws and Maria. It has a double bed and a single bed that I was not able to include in the picture haha


it also has its own kitchen! 😉

Angelfield’s is a sanctuary. It’s a perfect place for retreat and meditation. The structure is more for a retreat house. But young couples like A and I love it because it’s a hidden gem.


casita # 3


Casita # 3 has a king sized bed. At first I thought that we did not have to rent it.But I realized that putting all of the groom’s bridal party at the lower ground would be very convenient for all of us — and I was right haha

So I gave this room to Daddy,Remo,and Renzo. They brought the air bed with them which was perfect!


Casita # 3 is like a huge mansion.

It has 2 double bedrooms like this. One, that Mama and Lola slept in. The second bedroom I gave to the girls that drove all the way from Manila in the middle of the night! 🙂


The bridal suite! <3 OMG it’s so spacious!!! I had my own walk in closet, kitchen, and the third floor is a maid’s quarter! 🙂


What really made me say yes to Angelfield’s is this <3

It has big beautiful windows that overlook the surrounding landscape. I envisioned myself and my bridal party getting ready in this room. There is a corner with a desk behind me that I turned into the “bride’s corner” haha. My peaceful corner.



After our trip to Angelfield’s, we went to one of our go to restaurants.Growing up, Bag of Beans has always been a favorite of our family. I remember going here whenever we would go to Tagaytay for the weekend, back when it was still small and there was only one location.


A’s frozen chocolate

He is crazy about this!! I am happy that we were finally able to take A to bag of beans 🙂


My dalandan smoothie! Gotta have my Asian drinks when in Asia haha


Steak and Mushroom Pie


A was really impressed with the menu and food. The menu is British and Filipino inspired.

DSC_1224A DSC_1226A

Ordering a loaf of bread is a must for our family when in Bag of Beans! 🙂


freshly baked white bread


My caesar salad


cause after visiting our church and reception venue, I realized that I have to get into shape for our wedding…..that did not really happen a few weeks after we came back to Baltimore hahaha


erm, hello.


I am really excited to be a full time sister again!!! In a couple of days I will be with my sister again <3 So let me end this post with a couple of pictures from our brunch last year.


It’s a tradition now that whenever I am home I will cook breakfast for the family.


Flapjacks, home fries, and bacon! — yum





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