10.20.14: Ramen, DC, and Us.

Hello, dolls!! It’s almost the weekend again. Time really flies when you are busy! This month has been really good to me. I am learning a lot at work, my sister is here, A and I gets to spend time together and go on adventures — I couldn’t ask for more. Just one more day until I get to enjoy another Sunday — Sundays that are more meaningful now because we get to do what we have always wanted for the past 2 years, go to church – brunch – and spend the rest of the day holding each other’s hand! I prayed for this for a looong time! To have decent days off with A and now it’s happening!!!

So anyway, back when A and I could only have Mondays together (and if we’re lucky some other random weekday) we would make sure that we visit a new place. A couple of days after A’s birthday, we were still on “ramen high”. Since we do not have a lot of ramen places in Baltimore,we decided to go to Washington DC — our go to place when we are feeling adventurous. DSC_0411AWe decided to go to Daikaya, one of the restaurants in DC that we’ve always wanted to go to.


Daikaya is a Sapporo ramen shop located at the first floor, and Izakaya a Japanese restaurant at the second floor of the building.Both restaurants are owned by 3 Japanese men.What’s also interesting is that they also serve Filipino inspired dishes in Izakaya (which we have to try soon!)
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GRB IV @ 1

11.23.14: November Baby

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Aaah what a week. The first half of my week was pretty stressful because of work. One thing that I realized and understood during my “stressful work days” is why Chefs can come off as pissy or short tempered. We work a lot of hours on our feet, we could spend 6 hours cooking a perfect dish, and aaah don’t even get me started with the heat..so yeah, it only takes one stubborn person to piss us off,especially if that person doesn’t understand food — and what we do!

So anyway, this is going to be an easy weekend for A and I (yay!!!) Date night tonight, a short Saturday work day for us…then 2 days off! Aaah DSC_0009A

Work is going to be extra exciting now because I will have one of my good friends working with me!!  DSC_0001A

I can’t wait to work with Frances again. So for the meantime, let me talk about my favorite boy’s 1st birthday party (that happened about 7 months ago #yikes haha)

Baby Roger’s birthday is a week before mine, so I just knew we would be best friends forever!!! Although I must say, he loves A more. haha

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Bangkok Diaries: Terminal 21

09.07.14: Hey, June!

Hello,dolls!! Aaaah Saturday…finally!!! The past week has been very rewarding. I am starting to feel comfortable at work, A and I are doing great, and my sister is here!!! What more could I ask for? I believe that God gives us what we need. So this is perfect for now. Having my sister here gives me so much joy everyday. I feel like I fulfilled my role as her Ate (big sister) for the next n years. This is big!!! I am so happy that I get to be an Ate to her for more than a year. Taking care of my sister here makes me miss my family more, it makes me yearn for that moment when I can take care of all of them.

So anyway,for the meantime…let me reminisce about our memorable trip to Bangkok last year.

Read my previous posts about our Bangkok trip here  https://riannagalvez.wordpress.com/category/thailand-2/
DSC_0288AWe had a long list of places that we wanted to go to in Bangkok..or should I say, a long list of malls/shopping centers.

One of the coolest malls I’ve been to is Terminal 21.


Each level has a theme,each floor is designed to look like the famous cities in the world.

Unfortunately it was too crowded that day. Like, people rubbing elbows with each other on the escalator so I was not able to take a lot of good pictures to share here 🙁

For reference, here are the floor themes:

Lower Ground: Caribbean

Ground: Rome

M: Paris

1st Floor: Tokyo

2nd Floor: London
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New York Diaries: A’s 27th Birthday Dinner

10.06.14: HBD, Love!

Hello,dolls!!!Aaaaah “she’s almost here”!! That’s what I have been telling everyon — my sister is almost here. I can already imagine all the things that we will do, food that I will make her try,and places that we will go to — oh the excitement! So it’s the weekend again and I am happy! My weekends has been filled with so much love and happiness after the wedding. And man, I couldn’t tell you how amazing 2015 has been! Considering that I still have 6 more months to make it even more amazing. #ThankYouLord

So I feel like my introduction does not make any sense. Excitement is overpowering everything in my mind and body!!!! I will finally have family here with me!!! Soon enough my parents and brothers will come to visit us and it will be the most amazing time ever!!!


Let me share with you A’s 27th birthday dinner.

In case you have not read my previous posts about his NY birthday trip….




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My Crew

September 2014: Home

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Aaah I know, I know! It’s been a while since I posted something here.Life has been extremely exciting and nerve-wrecking for the past week, and now I can finally BREATHE!!!! My sister is coming here and I can hug her very very soon!!! So May has been really exciting, I feel like I have adjusted to my new role in the kitchen, which I am really happy about.

Everything that has been happening now, I know it’s all because of Him.I can’t tell you how many times God has proven me that there is nothing impossible when you believe and trust Him. For the past 18 hours, all I can think about is how amazing it would be to have my sister here! I can’t hide my excitement, I spent my morning thinking about how I would welcome my sister, I have so many ideas and I am happy that I accomplished most of it today. Pretty much my last day off before she gets here 🙂


Today’s perfect post is about my siblings. I spent the past week posting about my siblings —- of how proud I am of my brother Remo for graduating and my sister Chella for passing her visa interview. I am the happiest big sister today!!!


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