Manila Eats: Early Bird Breakfast Club, Eastwood

September 2014: Home

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Aaah I know, I know! It’s been a while since I posted something here.Life has been extremely exciting and nerve-wrecking for the past week, and now I can finally BREATHE!!!! My sister is coming here and I can hug her very very soon!!! So May has been really exciting, I feel like I have adjusted to my new role in the kitchen, which I am really happy about.

Everything that has been happening now, I know it’s all because of Him.I can’t tell you how many times God has proven me that there is nothing impossible when you believe and trust Him. For the past 18 hours, all I can think about is how amazing it would be to have my sister here! I can’t hide my excitement, I spent my morning thinking about how I would welcome my sister, I have so many ideas and I am happy that I accomplished most of it today. Pretty much my last day off before she gets here 🙂


Today’s perfect post is about my siblings. I spent the past week posting about my siblings —- of how proud I am of my brother Remo for graduating and my sister Chella for passing her visa interview. I am the happiest big sister today!!!


So before I begin…can I just say it one more time? I AM SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE MY SISTER HERE!!!!


It has been a month since we left Manila but it’s hard to not think about when we will be back again.


What I love being home is the fact that I can spend every waking day with my family without thinking about anything. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working, but honestly, I don’t think I can work this much if I live in Manila because I would only want to spend most of my time with my siblings haha.


Everyday is an opportunity for me to introduce the things that I loved growing up to A.


Just like this delicious box of crispy Bon Chon wings


Can we have this now?



My best friend <3


Ube flavored goat milk….yes!


Hosted a family dinner with our relatives that night. A and I cooked Italian dishes for everyone! We made spaghetti and meatballs (Grammy’s recipe), chicken picatta, and of course…salad! 🙂


My siblings planned a night out for us. Having fun-loving siblings is the best! We get to do exciting things together and be crazy around each other.

DSC_0998A DSC_1002A

That night they decided to go bowling


A little more practice and I know I will be able to keep up with them haha

DSC_1005A DSC_1007A IMG_9660A DSC_1009A

The night was young so we moved on to our next activity for the night….POOL!

DSC_1013A IMG_9661A

I never played pool before (big uh oh) but of course having amazing siblings, they patiently tried to teach me.


Hi fatty!


Our night out will not be complete without a late night grub. The piggies decided to take us to Early Bird Breakfast Club.

DSC_1017A DSC_1020A

Jejekid’s butterbeer. One of EBBC’s signature drinks.


bacon, marshmallows,and whipped cream…perfect for jejekid!!! hahaha

DSC_1022A DSC_1023A

It was a bit late for me to eat something so I decided to go for a pot of hot green tea


Chella’s nutella hot chocolate…yumm!!!

DSC_1018A DSC_1024A

Adobo Sunrise

Garlic Rice, Crispy Adobo Flakes, Scrambled Eggs


tower of deliciousness


Tenderloin Tapa


I have to commend EBBC for their style of serving their dishes.


Yin & Yang Champorado

Filipinos’ favorite sweet breakfast dish!


Perfectly paired with crispy dilis

DSC_1031A DSC_1032A

Upon seeing black pudding on the menu, I realized that I can’t leave EBBC without trying it!

It was okay, not the best that I’ve had. Borderline dry, but flavor was there.


My crew

DSC_0851A DSC_0852A

Can’t wait to be with you soon, Boobie!!!! <3



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