New York Diaries: Dinner With A View

10.06.14: HBD, Love!

Hello,dolls!!!Aaaaah “she’s almost here”!! That’s what I have been telling everyon — my sister is almost here. I can already imagine all the things that we will do, food that I will make her try,and places that we will go to — oh the excitement! So it’s the weekend again and I am happy! My weekends has been filled with so much love and happiness after the wedding. And man, I couldn’t tell you how amazing 2015 has been! Considering that I still have 6 more months to make it even more amazing. #ThankYouLord

So I feel like my introduction does not make any sense. Excitement is overpowering everything in my mind and body!!!! I will finally have family here with me!!! Soon enough my parents and brothers will come to visit us and it will be the most amazing time ever!!!


Let me share with you A’s 27th birthday dinner.

In case you have not read my previous posts about his NY birthday trip….


We love celebrating special occasions with a view <3


Brooklyn Bridge





Okay, enough with this beauty for now. Let’s move on to food…haha


Scallop Carpaccio

scallops, jalapeno, tobiko. citrus wasabi cilantro dressing

A’s kind of appetizer

DSC_0246AI decided to get sushi for my appetizer. #BestDecisionEver

This was so good!! So I am a “spicy tuna” type of girl so anything with spicy tuna and cucumber will make me happy.

DSC_0247AOyster Shooters

I like how refreshing this is! It has the right amount of sweetness from the watermelon gazpacho, brininess from the oyster, and spice from jalapeno….mmm

DSC_0249ALittle baby of goodness

After this A and I decided to just order a bunch of small plates which was great because we were not tied up to just one big dish. Also, it was also our way of telling the universe  “this is our 4th meal in 7 hours..we should slow it down now”.

DSC_0248ADuck Spring Rolls

Perfect for my birthday boy
DSC_0253AI forgot the name of the second roll that I ordered. #classic

But I remember it being sooo good!

DSC_0254AI mean look at this big roll filled with deliciousness!

DSC_0258ADSC_0255AOur dinner will not be complete without my dose of healthiness.

Grilled asparagus and grilled pineapple
DSC_0261AFluke Crudo

The best way to end A’s birthday dinner

DSC_0209ADSC_0208AHello, beautiful!
DSC_0213A DSC_0216A DSC_0217 (2)A#melting

DSC_0229 (2)A DSC_0230A DSC_0233AIt was such a perfect day to celebrate A’s 27th birthday. I am looking forward to his 28th because I know it will be another adventure. For some reason,we end up celebrating his birthday outside Baltimore.Which is great because we do not get to do that for my birthday. Anyway, I think it is a great birthday present for A to go to a city and have 4 meals in 7 hours. Oh A!!! <3

IMG_0097AWe woke up in New Jersey the next day. Look at our delish breakfast!!!


A’s birthday Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae from Element Restaurant in New Jersey
DSC_0265ATo end his memorable birthday weekend, the birthday boy cooked the most delicious pork stroganoff that I’ve had in my entire life! #ForReal

DSC_0225AHello, handsome!



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