Bangkok Diaries: Terminal 21

09.07.14: Hey, June!

Hello,dolls!! Aaaah Saturday…finally!!! The past week has been very rewarding. I am starting to feel comfortable at work, A and I are doing great, and my sister is here!!! What more could I ask for? I believe that God gives us what we need. So this is perfect for now. Having my sister here gives me so much joy everyday. I feel like I fulfilled my role as her Ate (big sister) for the next n years. This is big!!! I am so happy that I get to be an Ate to her for more than a year. Taking care of my sister here makes me miss my family more, it makes me yearn for that moment when I can take care of all of them.

So anyway,for the meantime…let me reminisce about our memorable trip to Bangkok last year.

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DSC_0288AWe had a long list of places that we wanted to go to in Bangkok..or should I say, a long list of malls/shopping centers.

One of the coolest malls I’ve been to is Terminal 21.


Each level has a theme,each floor is designed to look like the famous cities in the world.

Unfortunately it was too crowded that day. Like, people rubbing elbows with each other on the escalator so I was not able to take a lot of good pictures to share here 🙁

For reference, here are the floor themes:

Lower Ground: Caribbean

Ground: Rome

M: Paris

1st Floor: Tokyo

2nd Floor: London
DSC_0290A 3rd Floor: Istanbul

4th Floor: San Francisco City

DSC_0292A5th Floor: San Francisco Pier

6th Floor: Hollywood


DSC_0294AIt was too crowded for us to concentrate on shopping. Too bad because the mall is really beautiful. It’s worth the visit though!


Random BKK scene on the way to one of my favorite malls in Bangkok

DSC_0305ACentral World!!!!
DSC_0308AWe went to Gustoso Restaurant. Since it’s the last day that we are all together (Klariz,Remo,and Chella left that night) we decided to go to the buffet. Hotels would be better but we spent a lot of time for “last minute shopping” that we had to go to Gustoso because it’s right across our hotel.

My sushi plate. After eating BKK’s delicious street food for almost a week so seeing sushi at the buffet made me a little bit crazy, I ate sushi like there’s no tomorrow haha

DSC_0310A Dim Sum!! A’s favorite. They also had chicken feet which we both really loved!

DSC_0311AFrom the cold seafood station


They also have a pasta station (yay!) So and I ordered one our favorite dishes.

DSC_0315AChicken Curry for A! He loved this, especially because it has chicken feet! haha
DSC_0316AFried food madness…gotta try ’em fried!

Fried shrimp, egg rolls,and wings
DSC_0317AA’s fish ball noodle soup…I swear this guys can eat a lot!
DSC_0318APenne in tomato sauce.I ended my meal with a plate of pastries (no picture–derr haha)DSC_0323ADSC_0328A

After sending Klariz,Remo,and Chella to the airport the rest of us shopped…more haha

Hooray for street vendors! They’re the best.
IMG_9365AOh yes, yogurt drink!!!!

IMG_9354A IMG_9355AView from our hotel room. I miss Bangkok!!!

IMG_1413-tileSissy time <3



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