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11.23.14: November Baby

Hello, dolls! 🙂 Aaah what a week. The first half of my week was pretty stressful because of work. One thing that I realized and understood during my “stressful work days” is why Chefs can come off as pissy or short tempered. We work a lot of hours on our feet, we could spend 6 hours cooking a perfect dish, and aaah don’t even get me started with the yeah, it only takes one stubborn person to piss us off,especially if that person doesn’t understand food — and what we do!

So anyway, this is going to be an easy weekend for A and I (yay!!!) Date night tonight, a short Saturday work day for us…then 2 days off! Aaah DSC_0009A

Work is going to be extra exciting now because I will have one of my good friends working with me!!  DSC_0001A

I can’t wait to work with Frances again. So for the meantime, let me talk about my favorite boy’s 1st birthday party (that happened about 7 months ago #yikes haha)

Baby Roger’s birthday is a week before mine, so I just knew we would be best friends forever!!! Although I must say, he loves A more. haha

DSC_0002AMeet George Roger Black IV, this is the face he makes when he sees balloons.


The welcome table.

Frances’ homemade granola bars for the guests, the witty chalkboard with some facts about baby Roger,and the thumbprint canvas as the guestbook.

DSC_0013A DSC_0017ADSC_0007AI love Frances’ granola bars!!!! I am guilty, I took about 5 bags. haha #SorryNotSorry

The theme of the party was “little monsters”


Best of friends

A and I arrived before the party to help the Roger and Frances with the party. A helped Roger with the food, and I helped Frances set up.

The Titas took forever to set up, the baby got bored.

“Do I really have to change, Mom?”
DSC_0019AThe dessert table!!! <3

The adorable tiny monsters Frances made

YES!! Chocolate Cupcakes.. NOMS!

more tiny monsters

Carrot cupcake!! One of my faves <3

Strawberry Buttercream Cupcake

Baby Roger’s Birthday Cake

Her idea was to have a smash cake, but since baby Roger is like his Mom — nice and quiet, he seemed like he did not want to smash his birthday cake! haha
DSC_0077A DSC_0078AYay for cookies!!DSC_0091A DSC_0093A

A busy grilling
DSC_0095AThe food!!! <3

It was a multi cultural affair. Frances made fried lumpia representing the Philippines. Mac and Cheese, grilled steak, and berries & cream representing America. Chicken kebab for Middle Eastern. A and I brought spaghetti in tomato sauce, representing Italy. Mom and Dad brought spanakopita and Greek Salad for Greece.DSC_0046A DSC_0057A DSC_0059A

Candy bar….yes!
DSC_0060A DSC_0061A

Oh,the details!!! <3DSC_0062A DSC_0063A DSC_0084A

I love this!!! Baby Roger’s first 12 months in photos! <3
DSC_0085AMy favorite picture
DSC_0086A DSC_0096AWith the happy Momma!! <3

DSC_0116A DSC_0128A DSC_0142A DSC_0143AThe Titas haha
1008669_995513723797444_295109702047211271_oA DSC_0148A

My favorite guy
DSC_0064ACan’t believe that my little egg roll will turn 2 in 5 months!!!!




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