10.20.14: Ramen, DC, and Us.

Hello, dolls!! It’s almost the weekend again. Time really flies when you are busy! This month has been really good to me. I am learning a lot at work, my sister is here, A and I gets to spend time together and go on adventures — I couldn’t ask for more. Just one more day until I get to enjoy another Sunday — Sundays that are more meaningful now because we get to do what we have always wanted for the past 2 years, go to church – brunch – and spend the rest of the day holding each other’s hand! I prayed for this for a looong time! To have decent days off with A and now it’s happening!!!

So anyway, back when A and I could only have Mondays together (and if we’re lucky some other random weekday) we would make sure that we visit a new place. A couple of days after A’s birthday, we were still on “ramen high”. Since we do not have a lot of ramen places in Baltimore,we decided to go to Washington DC — our go to place when we are feeling adventurous. DSC_0411AWe decided to go to Daikaya, one of the restaurants in DC that we’ve always wanted to go to.


Daikaya is a Sapporo ramen shop located at the first floor, and Izakaya a Japanese restaurant at the second floor of the building.Both restaurants are owned by 3 Japanese men.What’s also interesting is that they also serve Filipino inspired dishes in Izakaya (which we have to try soon!)

DSC_0397A DSC_0398A

Find me

DSC_0400A“couple shot”



We had to wait for a couple of minutes to be seated. They were pretty packed for a Monday lunch, and no..they don’t take reservations.


Finally!!! We were seated at the ramen bar..my favorite spot!!! I love watching ramen Chefs work on the line.


I took about a million pictures of the ramen station alone. It’s so neat!!! It made me want to work at a ramen shop in Japan

DSC_0410A DSC_0420A

My date


this guy has mad wok skills.


There’s a corner table beside the stairs going to Izakaya. I had this feeling that I want to go back and just stay in this corner.

DSC_0422A DSC_0424A

nori box


Ramen in the making: First he pours broth to the bowl #YUM

Then adds the noodles…THE delicious perfect ramen noodles.
DSC_0428AHe stirs in miso (with chopsticks) for the miso ramen #DoubleYum


Lastly, for the final touch. Cha Siu and wok seared vegetables. YES!IMG_0216A

Before we stuffed our faces with ramen and dumplings


perfect lunch


My spicy miso ramen


 I have this thing for spicy miso, A is not a fan of miso. So whenever I order spicy miso, I am afraid that A won’t be ale to help me.

This was so good (and huge) that I finished it! Even A liked it. The smokiness from the vegetables added flavor to the broth. The broth has the perfect balance of saltiness and creaminess from the miso. Aaaaah and the noodles…phenomenal.


Our gyoza took a while because they do it to order. 


Their gyoza is perfect and delicious! A and I kept saying that it’s worth the wait.


A’s shio ramen


Chicken based broth flavored with dried seafood and seaweed.

A loved it…so much that he inhaled the entire thing in 5 minutes (pretty much)

DSC_0439A DSC_0440A

Ramen game on

DSC_0441A DSC_0442A

The line was small but efficient. With only 3 cooks and a full house, they did a hell of a job. What also amused A and I are the kitchen equipment that they have.


We will definitely go back to Daikaya!!!


A few doors down from Daikaya is Joy Luck House 


A Chinese bakery and cafe beside our favorite hand-pulled noodle restaurant.


I was very happy to see Asian pastries again…for cheap!


Got my moon cake, egg tart, and my Chinese wife cake. #NOMS


Stopped by to see how our favorite noodle and dumpling restaurant is doing

DSC_0481A DSC_0483a

National Building Museum


Since A and I had time to kill, we went to the Judiciary Square

DSC_0472A DSC_0477A DSC_0478A


Trees are extra beautiful during fall.


I do not ask A to carry my bag, only when I have tie my shoelace. haha


…and now he looks like Mr. Grumpy



Another amazing Monday with my love



Saw Mr. Naughty #2 on our way back to Baltimore



adding color to fall






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