Bangkok Diaries: The Girl and BKK

09.08.14: Last Minute

Hello,dolls!! It’s almost the weekend again. Yay! It’s a pretty exciting month at work, we are participating in a big festival and have a couple of parties lined up on top of that, business is doing good! This week, I was blessed with an interesting situation that helped me grow to be a better leader in the kitchen.

Anyway, I am also excited about August because A and I are getting a little time off work. We are planning to travel somewhere for the weekend but I do not want to speak to soon and keep my hopes high…but aaah, after a busy month, I think a short vacation is in order ­čśë


Thinking about our short vacation next month makes me miss our Bangkok trip. I am down to my 2 last posts and I am getting a little sad about it…I feel like our whole trip is coming to an end..for real this time.

Before I turn this into a sappy post, let me share with you our last day in Bangkok.


Traveling with my parents is pretty easy. I know what makes┬áthem happy and not complain — Daddy loves eating so trying local food is a must, and Mama likes to see new places and shop! It’s the perfect combination of what I want to do when I travel.

For our last day,we did what we also do when we travel —┬álast minute shopping. Continue reading “Bangkok Diaries: The Girl and BKK”


July’s First Throwback

Hello,dolls! Hello, July! ­čÖé This week has been┬ásteady,┬áeveryone’s looking forward to July 4th (Independence Day here in the US) and I am just here…writing this blog, thinking how fast June went by. I can’t believe that June is over, and that today is the third┬áday of July. It’s craaaazy.┬á

So anyway, thinking about Independence Day makes me miss the Philippines. Living here in the US means embracing the American culture (and I love it!) but the downside is, I sometimes feel like I am forgetting about the Philippines. I look back to all the holidays and special occasions with my family that I missed for the past 3 years and wish that I do not have to miss more. Good thing my sister is here this year, I have someone to share the misery  / happiness with.


This pretty much sums up how my life has been for the past week.

I’ve been drinking more than 6 cups of tea at work every morning. I am not a coffee drinker and unlike most of the cooks that I know, I do not drink energy drinks so yeah…tea helps me in the morning haha

I’ve been thinking about our wedding a lot lately, watching our SDE videos by Pat Dy and Jason Magbanua on Vimeo pretty much everyday. I miss being a bride-to-be! But guess what? We are having another wedding next month and I am excited!

I miss home..I miss home! I ordered a whole cake from Estrel’s on our last day in Manila last year. Took half of it back to Baltimore and to my surprise it did not get messed up during the flight.

This was me the day after we got back from Manila in last year in September. A cup of tea, a slice of Estrel’s caramel cake, and Brides magazine.


So where do I begin? This is a pretty random post and I am going to start with a glimpse of my life here in America as a Filipino Continue reading “July’s First Throwback”