Manila Eats: Ramen Nagi

Hello,dolls! Hello, July! ūüôā This week has been¬†steady,¬†everyone’s looking forward to July 4th (Independence Day here in the US) and I am just here…writing this blog, thinking how fast June went by. I can’t believe that June is over, and that today is the third¬†day of July. It’s craaaazy.¬†

So anyway, thinking about Independence Day makes me miss the Philippines. Living here in the US means embracing the American culture (and I love it!) but the downside is, I sometimes feel like I am forgetting about the Philippines. I look back to all the holidays and special occasions with my family that I missed for the past 3 years and wish that I do not have to miss more. Good thing my sister is here this year, I have someone to share the misery  / happiness with.


This pretty much sums up how my life has been for the past week.

I’ve been drinking more than 6 cups of tea at work every morning. I am not a coffee drinker and unlike most of the cooks that I know, I do not drink energy drinks so yeah…tea helps me in the morning haha

I’ve been thinking about our wedding a lot lately, watching our SDE videos by Pat Dy and Jason Magbanua on Vimeo pretty much everyday. I miss being a bride-to-be! But guess what? We are having another wedding next month and I am excited!

I miss home..I miss home! I ordered a whole cake from Estrel’s on our last day in Manila last year. Took half of it back to Baltimore and to my surprise it did not get messed up during the flight.

This was me the day after we got back from Manila in last year in September. A cup of tea, a slice of Estrel’s caramel cake, and Brides magazine.


So where do I begin? This is a pretty random post and I am going to start with a glimpse of my life here in America as a Filipino


I am lucky to have a husband who loves Filipino food. He gets super excited when we go to Filipino restaurants or cook Filipino food at home.
DSC_0540ABaltimore’s Asian community is growing. Which is good because there are a number of Asian restaurants around now.¬†Jame’s Fiesta Grill¬†opened sometime in the summer last year, and it’s very close to where we live so we were really excited about it!

Everything on the menu is under $10! How awesome is that?


Lumpiang Shanghai

“It’s not a Filipino party without¬†lumpiang shanghai”.¬†haha




This dish brought me back to the Philippines. Aaah <3 It was so goood!


Goat Kaldereta


A was really happy when he found out that they have goat kaldereta on the menu for that day. I was too! It reminded me of the lunch dates I had with my Dad after school.


Pork Barbecue

“Are we in Manila?” JFG’s pork barbecue is perfect! It’s just like what we have in the Philippines.




A doesn’t like¬†bagoong (fermented shrimp paste)¬†so I can’t cook anything with it. I was really excited to get this cause I miss it!!! Yumms


Frances and I treated ourselves with¬†sago’t gulaman.¬†Perfect for our awesome Filipino lunch.





DSC_0545A IMG_0237A

Had a busy day with our little buddy.

Tita and Mommy went to the Filipino bakery and 3 shopping centers. It rained and I got a little grumpy towards the end but it’s okay because Tito Gerry fed and played with me haha – Baby Roger


Monday dinner for 5. Chicken Piccata, casesar salad (homemade caesar dressing), couscous, and pumpkin pie.


I always have choc-nut! haha

Hosted a Filipino dinner for the interns last year.




Janellie cooked a delicious Chinese vegetable dish with mustard greens and jellyfish! It’s my new fave now.


Chicken Liver Adobo. A’s request to Jeorny! It was soooo good it made me miss home more.



Speaking of home…

One of my favorite restaurants in Manila is Tasty Dumplings.¬†It’s my go to dumpling place when in Manila because it is very close to my house aaaaand their delicious food is inexpensive! A loves it too….and that makes me happy! I feel like I’ve known A for so long because he loves the restaurants that I love in Manila haha


I mean, how can he not love Tasty Dumplings? Look at this giant pork chop for only less than $4! haha


…and yesss!! My love! I remember going here after school with Daddy during my exam week. I would finish 2 plates of dumplings and we would just talk about everything under the sun. Can’t wait to do that again!


Before we go to the Philippines, A and I comes up with a list of places that we want to go to, food that we want to try,or things that we want to do. The list is always long and we always achieve pretty much 80% of it.

DSC_1130AOne of the places on our list is Ramen Nagi.


Ramen Nagi is a franchise from Japan. They have locations in different countries too, so A and I were feeling positive when we walked in.

I have to admit, A and I were really not that hungry. We went there sometime in the afternoon — after we had our big lunch! But since we really wanted to try their ramen (and we were running out of time) we still went,


We decided to split this big bowl of Butao King ramen.


…and just in case,we ordered an extra bowl of noodles.


We brought my brother Renzo with us. And since he is not too crazy about ramen at that time yet he ordered Ramen Nagi’s¬†chicken karaage.


I have to say that A and I were not too crazy about their ramen.. we’ve had better. And I hate that I have to put it that way, but we really did.¬†Momofuku, Toto Ramen,Nomama and the¬†places we went to in Hong Kong..etc



more info about our ramen bowl ūüėČ

I like this! All my friends now I like to write stuff so I enjoyed filling this up haha



A and I in the Philippines <3



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