Bangkok Travel Diaries: Last Minute Stops

09.08.14: Last Minute

Hello,dolls!! It’s almost the weekend again. Yay! It’s a pretty exciting month at work, we are participating in a big festival and have a couple of parties lined up on top of that, business is doing good! This week, I was blessed with an interesting situation that helped me grow to be a better leader in the kitchen.

Anyway, I am also excited about August because A and I are getting a little time off work. We are planning to travel somewhere for the weekend but I do not want to speak to soon and keep my hopes high…but aaah, after a busy month, I think a short vacation is in order 😉


Thinking about our short vacation next month makes me miss our Bangkok trip. I am down to my 2 last posts and I am getting a little sad about it…I feel like our whole trip is coming to an end..for real this time.

Before I turn this into a sappy post, let me share with you our last day in Bangkok.


Traveling with my parents is pretty easy. I know what makes them happy and not complain — Daddy loves eating so trying local food is a must, and Mama likes to see new places and shop! It’s the perfect combination of what I want to do when I travel.

For our last day,we did what we also do when we travel — last minute shopping.


We started our day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel. It’s funny how I started my day at the hotel’s restaurant for a week and never took a picture. Thanks to A/Klariz for this photo.

Arnoma’s breakfast buffet is good. I remember it being better from when I went 4 years ago.


It was extra sunny and hot that day…we were melting.


Pratunam market and The Platinum Fashion mall are very close to our hotel — one of the things why I love staying in Arnoma. We are across Central World,and stone’s throw away from MBK, Siam, and Platinum!


We went to Pratunam after breakfast. It was a bit sketchy and dark for me. Most of the stalls were closed before 11AM so we only spent less than 30 minutes there.



While waiting for the light to turn green. Crossing the street to Platinum Fashion Mall.





Platinum is a good “last minute” shopping stop. They have a lot of fashionable stuff… and AC haha



easy breezy shopping ootd


Scary tuktuk experience for us. If you are planning to visit Bangkok, beware of the tuktuk drivers because they could be scammers!

We almost got scammed by this tuktuk driver and his friend. We rented out a tuktuk to take us back to our hotel. The ride will only take us 5 minutes..with traffic! (traffic in BKK is pretty bad). So anyway, my Dad talked to them about the fare and all that. About 2 minutes after we left the mall, the driver told us we are stopping somewhere. I immediately responded to him and said we need to be back to our hotel ASAP because our flight is in 5 hours. He was insisting in going to this tailor/shoe shop to get his “free gas money”. We said no, it sounded sketchy and there is no way that I am going in that store for his “gas money”. He was being pushy and A and I were getting annoyed. The boys (A and Renzo) were silent, I can feel that they were also getting nervous too. My parents’ tuktuk was in front of us the whole time andmy Mom and I were giving each other this look of horror.

The driver still took us to the tailor shop and verbally forced us to get off his tuktuk, go in the shop,and look around for 5 minutes. He kept on saying “gas money” but at this point I did not care about anything at all but to be back to the hotel and feel safe.There were a lot of men inside the store looking at us, waiting for us to go in the store and that really freaked me out!  The driver gave up and threw a fit because we did not get off the tuktuk (duh).

We made it safe to our hotel (thank God) and as soon as I got connected to the internet, I did my research. Our tuktuk experience is a form of scam for tourists in Bangkok. So if you ever visit Bangkok and your tuktuk tells you that he will take you to a shop so he can get his “gas money”..SAY NO! There are a lot of things that they could do to you, one of which is to open you up, get your kidney, and sell it!


my 2 boys made me feel safe

DSC_0391A DSC_0394A

Made it back safe. Couldn’t ask for anything! It was still an amazing Bangkok trip despite of our scary tuktuk experience 😉


All I need to calm me down after that tuktuk ride, pomegranate juice and coconut juice. I literally had both!


..and coconut ice cream!

DSC_0475A DSC_0478A

Delicious cup of coconut ice cream..yess!


Coconut ice cream in Bangkok is different. It’s not too creamy,almost like a frozen fruit pop — which I love!


Enjoyed telling everyone the story about Ronald McDonald’s pose.

DSC_0424A DSC_0426A

obligatory “BKK McDo” pose


We were feeling extra adventurous that time. After our sumptuous lunch at a local restaurant, A and I decided to check McDonald’s menu.

Pork burger sounded good to him…so he tried it.


I got myself a spinach and chicken pie…delish!




with my 2 boys



Decided to wear something really comfortable and weather friendly since it was extra hot that morning.


Kimono and shorts: From my sister and Mom

Cause they still shop for me even when I’m away 😉


White tank top: Forever21


Shades: Betsey Johnson

Happy weekend y’all! <3



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