September 2014: Save the Date

Hello,dolls! 🙂 Aaaah, AUGUST! Can you believe it’s August already?July was eventful! I remember looking forward to the last week of July and dreamed how amazing it would be — and it was! Now I am doing the same thing with August — bust my A off during the first 3 weeks of the month at work, then look forward to the last week of August because it is going to be major. 

There has never been a day that I do not think about my family and friends back home. Last night was a fun night with my girls…how I wish I am saying this because we were all together at our rooftop laughing like crazies while drinking G knows what. So yeah…it was  crazy night on Viber and it made miss home a little more.


I also miss being a bride-to-be (oh wait, I am a bride-to-be again. ha) 

Our save-the-date, one of our Royal Albert tea seats from Grammy, and pastries from Starbucks… good morning!


I like to talk about home when I miss home.

So today, let me share with you our journey from the Philippines to the US last year when we went home for Daddy’s birthday.


I can’t believe that I am wrapping up our MNL trip last year. Although I must admit, it took me a while. The thought of sharing our last few hours in MNL last year is making me tear up a little. I wish I could go home for the weekend and come back to work the next day. I wish it’s that easy.


Remo was not able to make it to the airport because he was feeling very sick. I was heartbroken to see him in pain like that (my brother gets this really severe migraine) so aside from the sadness that I was feeling because I have to be away from home again, the fact that I have to leave while my brother is sick was very despairing for me.


Good thing I have this big jeje! He made laugh all night!

I now have this routine whenever they take me to the airport. I check-in, go out and hangout with them at the airport cafe,and wait until I am just 30 min out from boarding the plane (I know a lot of people would get scared in doing this, but there’s a reason why I only take PAL going to the US…and it’s because NAIA 2 is less crowded and more efficient than the other 2 terminals in MNL). So anyway, it’s always a sad moment for all of us at the airport, so I only ask my siblings to walk with me up to the entrance of the airport, I can’t see my Dad crying again — it’ll kill me.


What are the chances of me bumping into one of my good friends from Culinary school? It was nice to see Ate Gina!!!! 🙂


Our first flight from MNL to the US <3 It was A’s 2nd trip to the Philippines, but we never flew together so I was pretty excited to see how we will do during our 24 hour trip back to Baltimore.

I cried during the first 2 hours of our flight from MNL. As soon as the the plane took off,it just hit me that I am going to be away from home again. So anywaaay.. thank God I have A this time. He let me rest my legs on his lap and held my hand throughout the flight.


We finally arrived at Los Angeles, after flying for 18 hours! We had a looong layover, this was before PAL started to/from JFK again. So yeah,we had to wait 12 hours for our next flight…. #Bummer


I thought we were going to be fine, in my head I was thinking “oh 12 hours will fly by”. You know…I can blog, just be on my computer, not try to sleep (cause I hate feeling uncomfortable while sleeping). And then we got hungry…or I got “hangry”. Starbucks closed at midnight, the domestic terminal did not have anything! It was bad! So yeah…A and I concluded that we were never doing a long layover least not in Los Angeles.

DSC_1257A DSC_1261A

To kill our boredom..we decided to go around the airport (and take pictures) ha.

DSC_1269A DSC_1278A

now he is tired and ready to fall asleep. 
 DSC_1296A DSC_1300A DSC_1315A

Survived our first long flight together 🙂

We had 8 bags total, 4 big suitcases, 2 carry on, and 2 personal bags. 


We arrived in Baltimore early in the afternoon. My in laws were in town to pick us up from the airport. After getting settled, we had dinner at this great Italian restaurant close to our place 🙂


Not even a week after we came back from MNL, I learned that my Lolo passed away. It was really hard because I was away from everyone. I couldn’t get myself to work for 2 days and I spent pretty much 48 hours just talking to my family. It was hard….real hard.

I still get this feeling in my stomach whenever I think about. When we went home this year, it felt different because Lolo is not there anymore. I never said this out loud before…but I do…I do miss him a lot. Our relationship may not be as deep as my siblings or other cousins, but when I think about that car ride with him over a year ago it makes me miss him…terribly.


Seaweed salad — one of my faves!

So anyway, it took me a while to eat something “good” (good meaning not cereal and not hot tea for 2 days). A decided to take me out and show me a different side of Baltimore that I have not seen before. To me, good food helps in healing a broken heart.

We went to Ra Sushi for dinner and I remember telling myself that “it’s okay”.


Grilled Korean Short Rib

Most places here in the US do happy hour. We did not realize that upon walking in the restaurant so yeah, we were thrilled that we made it! We ordered a bunch of appetizers and just stuffed our faces with different dishes. AWESOME!


No fork and knife needed! This short rib was so tender! 🙂


Can’t go to a Japanese restaurant and not order gyoza


Garlic Ponzu Yellow Tail


simple and fresh..just how A likes it!


gotta have my spicy tuna roll fix! 🙂


Chicken Yakitori




Rainbow Roll

cause it really did look like a rainbow!


…and it was DELISH!



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