Paris Themed Bridal Shower

12.16.14: Showers of Happiness

Hello,dolls!! 🙂 Aaaah…weekend <3 I can’t believe that I am already done with another week at work. It’s insane how we are already (almost) halfway done with August! Can you believe it? Cause I can’t! I feel like each week is just flying by and I wish there’s a “pause” button so I can just hold on to all the goodness that 2015 has brought and just enjoy it a little longer before we roll over to another year of ups and downs. Also, I am still enjoying the fact that A and I can say “oh yeah, we just got married a couple of months ago…this year.

I am not gonna lie..the thought of saying “I do” again excites me. Who wouldn’t be? To say I do to the same man 3 times in 2 years is AWESOME (and funny in some way haha). So yeah..I think it’s still fitting to talk about my bridal shower (that happened 8 months ago) since we are having our Greek wedding in a couple of weeks 🙂


One of the blessings that came with A when God sent him to me is his family. I always feel like the luckiest wife whenever we are with his family because they’ve always made me feel that I am part of the family since day 1…and of course the constant showers of love! <3

It truly melted my heart when my Mother-In-Law told me that she wants to throw a bridal shower for me. She is one of the best hosts that I know, so I knew the shower’s going to be ahmahzzing! — and it was!


Just one of her awesome ideas for the party. Since a good number of ladies are driving to Baltimore for my shower, she ordered this cute water bottle labels for the guests to take home 🙂

I grabbed some photos from some of the ladies who came to the shower. Unfortunately after putting them in one folder I forgot who I grabbed it from. So..sorry girls if there will be no proper credit on this post 😐

I am all about long tables. Maybe its the fact that growing up, whenever my Dad’s side of the family would gather on Sundays and occasionally go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, we would end up getting 2-3 round tables (yeah we’re kind of a big family) and us kids will sit together — which means my parents will be at the other table. I do not dislike it, but I prefer if we could all be together. So now, I am all about looooong tables. 10421337_734615426621584_5138136197078705358_nA

Say hi to our beautiful long table! 🙂


I am crazy about Paris and the Eiffel Tower (I mean really..who is not nowadays? haha). My Mother in Law did an amazing in choosing the best decorations for the shower. The room looked amazing! 🙂

Mr. Mike took care of the gorgeous pink flowers. It brightened up the room! 🙂

 DSC_0308A DSC_0358A

Ornaments are not just for Christmas trees! They are also a great addition to make a centerpiece stand out.

Such a lovely idea by the Mom in law since it’s December and all of er ornaments were out.


My Mom in law is also creative! DIYs are her thing and (major on) scrapbooks.

I loved these little paper holders! She painted the cubes pink herself, and covered the clothespin with gold/silver glitters to fit the theme.


We used it to hold the menus. The pink thingy on the far right.

It would’ve been a perfect place card holder but since a lot of the ladies did not RSVP on time, we used it for the menus instead haha.


Half of the pink dessert table 🙂


Look at this phenomenal flower arrangement by Mr. Mike! <3 Too pretty!

Mom bought the Paris travel suitcase and then Mr. Mike worked his magic and used it for his flower arrangement.


Paris lamp <3

DSC_0269A DSC_0273A

I am all about gold! I am so happy that there were accents of gold everywhere.

I love how my Mother in Law know me. She printed cute quotes that were really perfect for the theme…and me!


Did I mention? I am also crazy about picture frames? Especially when its gold or white!


Kait, Mr. Mike and Ms. Carol’s daughter baked champagne cupcakes, they were phenomenal!


Beautiful details of the Mom’s dessert tower.


Love this!


The guests could each get a pink goody bag and fill it with pink and Paris inspired sweets! 🙂


DSC_0285A DSC_0286SA



Weddings are all about “kisses”

DSC_0295A DSC_0296A DSC_0297A DSC_0298A


Ms. Carol made me the perfect bridal shower cake!!! I requested for a coconut buttercream cake..because I love coconut!!!! It was the most delicious coconut cake ever! The fondant was not too sweet that it was the first time that I actually finished a serving of fondant cake! 🙂


..and of course! a touch of gold again 🙂

DSC_0299A DSC_0306A

DSC_0461A DSC_0463A

I LOVE BALLOONS!!! And aaaah this balloon set was perfect!! <3 <3 <3


This balloon set was made for my bridal shower! It’s too perfect for the theme that I would like to think that haha


Random happenings that weekend




We received all of these packages in just 2 days. Bridal showers are AMAZING! December was really good for us…and our kitchen!


Doughnuts from the Amish market….YUMMS! Doughnut for breakfast? Why not!


Our family from New York drove to Baltimore to celebrate my Bridal Shower! It was the sweetest thing ever! <3

We played one of my favorite games with our little cousins…apples to apples!


Chinese food for dinner. YES!


Sunday Brunch

A and I wanted to do something special for our family who drove all the way to Baltimore, and of course our parents who did everything to make the bridal shower memorable. So we decided to take them out for brunch. We went to Ryleigh’s cause I really want to cook something special for them. What a weekend!


Part 1 of my bridal shower done!!! Can’t wait to share more from my awesome day 🙂



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