Ejji Ramen

10.28.14: Ramen and Fall

Hello,dolls!!! It’s almost fall!! Aaah <3 I told A the other day that fall is my favorite season weather wise. After the summer’s heat the cool air from the fall breeze feels amazing.This week has been exhausting, my team and I are getting back in the groove of our busy season — a season that will not end until next year.

It might seem overwhelming to some. Heck, I am already wondering if I can take time off to go on little adventures with A outside the state. We’ve been through this before, juggling the demands of work and our personal lives and the more I think about the more that I get excited. I know that at some point in the next 3 months, the last 3 months of the year, I will be able to squeeze in some short vacays and aaaah it will be ah-mah-zing!


A and I take pride in the places that we go to. It’s flattering when people tell me that they get inspired with the things that we do,food that we cook,and restaurants that we visit. We are always happy to share…though of course we get catty when we see this certain couple go to EVERY place and do exactly the same activities that we do once we post about it haha


There are days when I just want to sit at the bar and watch someone work 😉 Thank you Ejji for having an open kitchen 😉 Continue reading “Ejji Ramen”


Summer 2014

Hello,dolls! Aaah it’s been a while since I last posted something here..oh how I missed it! September is the beginning of our busy months at work. I don’t know how this month is going to be but it seems like there will be a couple of transitions that will change our daily routine. Change is good — this is what I keep on telling myself, but aah the past 9 months has been way too good that I just do not want it to end…yet.

Summer is almost over and I have mixed emotions about it. Part of me wants it to end real bad because of the heat! The heat in the kitchen plus the summer heat makes me feel like I am candle slowly melting…everyday! The other part of me is telling summer to not got yet because I still have clothes in my closet waiting to be worn this year haha.

Fall is fast approaching.

I am feeling under the weather today.

So yeah..this is going to be pretty random.

..random heaps from last year’s summer #WhatIsOverdue


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