Summer 2014

Hello,dolls! Aaah it’s been a while since I last posted something here..oh how I missed it! September is the beginning of our busy months at work. I don’t know how this month is going to be but it seems like there will be a couple of transitions that will change our daily routine. Change is good — this is what I keep on telling myself, but aah the past 9 months has been way too good that I just do not want it to end…yet.

Summer is almost over and I have mixed emotions about it. Part of me wants it to end real bad because of the heat! The heat in the kitchen plus the summer heat makes me feel like I am candle slowly melting…everyday! The other part of me is telling summer to not got yet because I still have clothes in my closet waiting to be worn this year haha.

Fall is fast approaching.

I am feeling under the weather today.

So yeah..this is going to be pretty random.

..random heaps from last year’s summer #WhatIsOverdue




It’s cute how I would get random texts from my husband asking me if we can cook on our days off.


Cooking, for us is an activity that we always look forward to. It not just a chore for us, or something that we are supposed to do because we have to.


Braised Pork for our Mexican Night


Ohhhhh yes!!!


Hungry yet?


Love getting packages from home! 🙂

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Look at this cutie sleeping in our bed


One of the things that I miss is working out.


I was on the chunky side a couple of years ago. So I ad to change my lifestyle to get back in shape.

I never shard this publicly before, but I often get asked how I lost weight. So yeah, I am going to share some of the things that I did.


yay to our new gym at the complex! I have weird days off so I always have the gym to myself  


I am not good with weights, I prefer to carry stuff at work so I save my “lifting skillz” for that.

In the Philippines, I regularly did HIIT workout and boxing. I can honestly say that those 2 helped me a lot in losing weight.

Here in the US, I like to jog especially during spring/fall and go to the gym during summer/winter.


Eating is the best thing ever! But I had to give up some stuff to be able to lose weight. Almost 5 years ago, I gave up soda and rice. It helped me a lot because I became responsible of myself..I learned to balance everything and love veggies more!

Here are some of my favorites


Since I gave up rice, I had to substitute it with something so I wouldn’t miss it that much.

One of the things that I love to substitute it with is farro, I cook it with ingredients that I would put if I were to make myself fried rice.

Like this one, asian style edamame and mushroom farro (fried rice style). YUMMMS!


I like adding acai to my drinks. Acai is rich in antioxidant and great for metabolism. #YAY


I love way too much!! I got addicted to “Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt”. I got to try all of the flavors last year! 🙂


Call me Greek yogurt crazy. What our fridge looked like last year with all of my yogurt stash haha


Favorite breakfast meals from the hubby! 🙂


Some of my everyday meals in the Philippines. I like to eat steamed plantains and sweet potatoes for breakfast 🙂


Smoothie 101: When In Manila

I love adding lychee to my smoothies whenever I am in Manila. DELISH!


My go to breakfast/lunch.dinner.. oatmeal cooked in almond milk and agave with cinnamon #BOOM!


Made the Daddy happy by cooking shrimp baked with feta 🙂

Gerry-Rianna-PatDy (11)

Remembering our engagement shoot with Pat Dy in NYC

Happy summer,dolls! 🙂

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