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10.28.14: Ramen and Fall

Hello,dolls!!! It’s almost fall!! Aaah <3 I told A the other day that fall is my favorite season weather wise. After the summer’s heat the cool air from the fall breeze feels amazing.This week has been exhausting, my team and I are getting back in the groove of our busy season — a season that will not end until next year.

It might seem overwhelming to some. Heck, I am already wondering if I can take time off to go on little adventures with A outside the state. We’ve been through this before, juggling the demands of work and our personal lives and the more I think about the more that I get excited. I know that at some point in the next 3 months, the last 3 months of the year, I will be able to squeeze in some short vacays and aaaah it will be ah-mah-zing!


A and I take pride in the places that we go to. It’s flattering when people tell me that they get inspired with the things that we do,food that we cook,and restaurants that we visit. We are always happy to share…though of course we get catty when we see this certain couple go to EVERY place and do exactly the same activities that we do once we post about it haha


There are days when I just want to sit at the bar and watch someone work 😉 Thank you Ejji for having an open kitchen 😉


We went to Ejji a couple of days after they opened. Their menu is inspired by Malaysian flavors so I was very excited about that! DSC_0659A DSC_0662A

Ejji Ramen is in Belvedere Square, one of my favorite places to go to here in Baltimore. I could literally walk around for a solid hour and just feel satisfied and happy.


You may create your own ramen bowl to make it more fun..perfect for picky eaters too! haha 😉


The husband patiently waiting


Roti Canai

One of the things that I miss the most about living in Asia — Roti!


aaah this delicious rotie was served with curry lentil sauce..BOMB!

This was such a perfect starter as it also came with good memories. I remember going to Banana Leaf (one of our family’s favorite restaurants in MNL) and ordering a gazillion rotis throughout the night. It’s good to know that there is a place in Baltimore that serve good roti,so when my family comes to visit, we can go to Ejji for roti..and ramen! 😉


A’s tonkatsu ramen

Pork broth x char siu pulled pork x pork belly x egg — basically, pork on pork on pork!


A’ is not a big fan of this because it was a bit creamy for me. He likes cleans straight to the point broth. This one is on the heavy side, the creaminess of the broth plus the fat and richness of the pork will make you feel full for hours that you might skip your next meal…just like A!


My laksa ramen

curry shelffish broth x clams x shrimp tempura x crab x bonito flakes x basil x like x bean sprouts x tofu — a ramen made for me 😉 ha


Laksa will always have a spot in my heart. I went to Singapore several times before I got married and boyyy did I just fall in love with laksa every time I am there. Laksa is also a good dish to reminisce about my family because we all LOVE laksa. My bowl had the perfect harmony of what laksa looks like when you marry it with Japanese cuisine. I love bonito flakes, if I can eat it with all of my Asian soups, I would! The fried tempura was such a clever take to make it a perfect Malaysian-Japanese bowl..and yes! Fried tofu…just yes!



Oh hey!


The weather was nice so we were able to sit outside to enjoy our iced chocolate 😉


Stopped by one of my favorite local stores here in Baltimore. We first found out about them from the Emporiyum, it’s so nice to have them in Belvedere Square!


mmmmm <3


I forgot what it was exactly called, but I remember it was dark chocolate with peach filling! #YUM!




DSC_0704A DSC_0715A



I love how I was able to wear my boots without knee high socks or leggings! 🙂

DSC_0717A DSC_0723A

It never occurred to me that my Topshop skirt is also perfect for fall until I tried it with my brown boots

DSC_0728A DSC_0734A DSC_0747A

Pairing it with my white knit cardigan made my outfit perfect for fall


Fall is fast approaching!!! waaaah



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